Best Manual Treadmill For Running & Walking In 2021

Having a treadmill at their home gym is one of the best solutions to achieve all their fitness goals for every fitness enthusiast. Motorized Treadmills and Manual Treadmills are the two types when we talk about the treadmill. Amongst many athletes, health enthusiasts, and fitness centers, the manual treadmills are gaining recognition due to their conveniences of no power requirements and compact size as well as a balanced workout routine at economical prices.

In this article, we have brought the 5 Best Manual Treadmills available on the market today. We have shortlisted these 5 products after considering their brand reputation, unique features like 3 Level Manual Incline, wider jogging surface, strong build, and unique design, user-friendly dashboard with an electronic meter to show speed, distance, time, calories and pulse, etc. as well as their price value. So without any further delay, here are the 5 best manual treadmills.

Best Manual Treadmill

5. Sunny Health & Fitness Manual Walking  SF-T1407M:

The fifth product on our list is the Sunny Health & Fitness Manual Walking SF-T1407M. SF-T1407M is a manual treadmill ready to provide you with all the cardio benefits you need. It can strengthen your muscles, improve balance and mood, and increase your blood circulation, bone density, and coordination. This is a non-electric machine, so you have to put in all your effort to power it up. That is sure to burn a lot of calories in the process. Not having a plug is also beneficial as it allows you to place the equipment anywhere at home without worrying about electric sockets. 

Moreover, this treadmill is compact and lightweight. It has a 42 x 13-inch running surface, and it can fit well even in small spaces. This machine is also durable. It can withstand power walking or light jogging. Sunny Health & Fitness included an LCD monitor too. You can use it to set specific workout goals and track your time, speed, calories burned, and steps. It even has a “Scan” option that allows you to go over your performance data without lifting a finger. 

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1. Its manual setup burns more calories.

2. It is compact and lightweight.

3. It is budget-friendly. 


1. The running surface may be too small for larger users. 

Sunny Health & Fitness Manual Walking SF-T1407M is a perfect option for those living in small apartments but still want to stay fit. Its compact and lightweight size makes it suitable for limited spaces. 

4. Fitness Reality TR3000:

Up next in fourth place is the Fitness Reality TR3000. Fitness Reality TR3000 is an affordable manual treadmill that boasts great features. It is said to be capable of carrying up to 325lbs of weight. It can support jogging and running. And with its 45 x 16-inch belt, this machine can provide more benefits than other manual treadmills. It comes with twin 6-inch diameter flywheels that can give you a smoother and more consistent workout experience. 

There is also a pacer control with eight levels of magnetic resistance to help control your speed. It also stabilizes the treadmill speed for hands-free walking. And to give you a bit more of a challenge, you can adjust TR3000 to three quick and easy manual incline levels – 8, 10, and 3º. You can test all these functions on its central console – a simple LCD that shows your time, distance, and speed. It also displays your heart rate if you use the treadmill while holding onto the handles with built-in pulse pads.


1. It gives great value for money.

2. It is foldable.

3. It has a larger belt than other treadmills.

4. It is easy to change resistance and incline.

5. It comes with a central console and heart rate monitors. 


1. The handles are fixed and cannot be collapsed.

2. The belt can be noisy. 

If you are looking for a manual treadmill with advanced features but at an affordable price, you should consider Fitness Reality TR3000. It has eight levels of resistance and three inclination levels that will push you more during your workouts.  

3. Exerpeutic 100XL:

The third product on our list is the Exerpeutic 100XL. Exerpeutic 100XL is another foldable and portable manual treadmill packed with great features that will suit any home, especially small ones. Like with Fitness Reality TR3000, this Exerpeutic machine has a 45 x 16-inch belt. Together with its sturdy frame, it is capable of carrying up to 325lbs of weight. The twin 6-inch diameter flywheels allow the equipment to deliver a smoother and more consistent workout experience, unlike single flywheel manual treadmills. Even its safety handles are longer than others, so it is sure to provide you with walking security. 

You will not have to worry about losing your balance while working out. It has three levels of incline – 8%, 10%, and 15%. The 8% incline is already set as default. You can change it using the machine’s quick-release incline adjustments. Another feature that comes with this manual treadmill is its heart rate monitoring. Its Heart Pulse Pads can help you track and reach your target heart rate so that you can carry out your workout effectively. The data will be shown on the touchscreen control panel, along with your time, calories burned, distance, and speed. There is even a slot for your TV remote.


1. It is easy to assemble.

2. It comes with three incline adjustments.

3. It has Heart Pulse Pads for heart rate monitoring.

4. It is foldable.

5. It is built with a TV remote slot. 

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1. It is more expensive.

2. It does not have any built-in workout programs.

Exerpeutic 100XL is a manual treadmill without a lot of bells and whistles. But if you are into minimalism, here is your new best friend.

2. Sunny Health & Fitness Force Fitmill SF-T7723:

The second product on our list is the Sunny Health & Fitness Force Fitmill SF-T7723. This machine offers both performance and affordability. Like SF-T1407M, it requires zero electricity and is completely self-powered. You will need to give your all to power it up – a sure way to burn those calories in the process. You will not have to worry about tripping thanks to its multi-grip handrails. These are sweat-resistant, and they allow you to push against the thread and run or walk in various positions. It has a large running surface, measuring 53 x 16 inches. That is enough support and room for exercise.

Meanwhile, its heavy-duty frame can carry up to 300lbs of weight. This means users of various body types can experience this machine’s stable and smooth performance courtesy of its dual structure flywheels. The weight of these flywheels demands higher energy from users to get the belt started. Add to that are its fixed incline of 13.5% and 16 resistance levels, and you can expect intense workout sessions with this treadmill.


1. It comes with 16 levels of magnetic resistance.

2. It is built with a heavy-duty frame.

3. It folds and unfolds easily, thanks to its soft-drop system. 


1. It only has a fixed incline.

2. It does not have a display screen to show your workout data. 

If you are craving an intense workout, Sunny Health and Fitness Force Fitmill SF-T7723 will surely give it to you. It has everything needed to get you working hard – self-powered thread, fixed incline, and 16 resistance levels. 

1. Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 7700:

Finally, our top manual treadmill is the Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA 7700 hi-performance trainer. ASUNA 7700 is another machine by Sunny Health and Fitness. Like their other two models on our list, it is a non-electric treadmill that will only start running when you do. Its frame is made of high-grade steel with a maximum weight capacity of 440lbs, making it suitable for almost all types of users and high-intensity workouts. Even its running surface is the widest and longest; it measures 49 x 19 inches. This machine offers a good range of incline levels. There is a static incline position of 10º for optimal cardiovascular fitness.

Meanwhile, the high-performance trainer has four additional levels up to 14º of incline so that you can improve your strength and speed. But to stay safe, it has handlebars that are sweat- and slip-resistant for a secure grip. The dual flywheels, which are made of solid steel, are also covered with sweat guard protection covers to stay free of sweat and debris. Finally, there is a large table holder in front for easy access. This allows you to watch your favorite workout videos while you exercise. Once you are done, you can fold it and store it away easily. And because this is self-powered, there are no power cords to worry about. It even has integrated transportation wheels to make moving more convenient.


1. It is made with heavy-duty materials.

2. It comes with good incline options.

3. It can carry up to 440lbs.

4. It is easy to assemble.  


1. The deck is fixed on an incline position.

2. It does not come with an exercise meter.

3. It is expensive. 

ASUNA 7700 hi-performance trainer may not be as affordable as the other models, but it is guaranteed to provide you excellent performance. So, if you are looking for a manual treadmill for your high-intensity workouts, you should consider this one.



So that is all regarding the 5 best manual treadmills available on the market today. We hope that this article helps you to find the best manual treadmill of your choice that meets your needs and budget. Do not forget to drop your feedback in the comment section below. We are also always looking forward to seeing your suggestions and comments. Also if you have any questions regarding this, do drop them in the comments. I will be sure to chat and reply as much as possible. Please like and share this with your friends and family, because that motivates us.

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