Top 7 Beautiful Countries Where Indians Can Travel Without Visa

There was a time when planning to go abroad meant to face the problems of applying for a visa. Long lines, all kinds of documents, question-answers and then a long wait till the visa papers arrive. Well, this thing is old, now Indian passport holders have got the facility of Visa Free Entry or Visa on Arrival in many countries i.e. travel abroad without tension! In this article, we are going to discuss about the 7 such beautiful countries where you do not have to apply for a visa to explore that country. So here are these 7 beautiful countries:



If you get the same culture abroad as India, people like Bhojpuri speaking like UP Bihar, then understand that this country is Mauritius. The green earth, the clear sea, the hills standing on the sea and the waves of the sea hitting the cracks between those hills, is similar to the natural texture of Mauritius.

Whenever you go to Mauritius, do not miss to enjoy the water sports and see the seven colored land in Mauritius. To enjoy snorkeling and water sports here, do not forget to visit Le Cambus and, Ileux Surf or True Ox Island. In Mauritius, a package of 6-7 days for 2 people will be comfortably available for around 1.5 lakhs.



Maldives, a country of more than a thousand small islands, is known for its clean beaches, blue skies, blue sea water and beautiful corals within it. If you want to see the beautiful views of the world under the sea, then Maldives is the best country for you because here you can enjoy scuba diving, under water photography, and all under water sports. Visa is offered after you arrive in Mauritius with an Indian passport.

The first thing you can do in Maldives is visit Male. Here you can roam in places like Artificial Beach, National Museum, Tsunami Monument. If you want to spend some romantic moments with your partner, then definitely stay in a water villa built on the island. Apart from this, you can also enjoy the beauty here in Banana Reef and Sun Island. It is also good to visit Maldives in terms of expenses, 5 days tour package in Maldives for two people starts from 70 thousand.



Seychelles is a group of more than 100 bipedes on the coast of East Africa. The country is known for breathtaking coral reefs and beautiful beaches. There are many beautiful islands in Seychelles like Mahe Island, Praslin Island on which you can spend quality time with your partner or family. If you are fond of scuba diving and surfing then you can also enjoy these sports here.

Seychelles can be a bit expensive in terms of expenditure. The 6-day package of Mahe and Praslin Island will be available for 2 people for close to 1.5 lakh.



If you have an Indian passport, you can stay in Indonesia for 30 days without a Tourist Visa. As soon as the name of Indonesia comes, you think of Bali. Bali is definitely one of the most beautiful islands in Indonesia, but if you want to see the blue sea, volcanic mountains and marine life up close, then you must visit Indonesia once.

Indonesia's capital Jakarta is known for its buzz, night life and shopping centers. If you are fond of under water sports then you can go to Papua Island . Lombok , Toba Lake and Komodo Dwip are also major attractions of Indonesia. If you talk about expenses, then a 6-day package for 2 people for Bali is available for 70-8es.



Fiji is an island country with a large number of Hindi (Fijian Hindi) speakers. People of Indian origin are very large in Fiji and there are also a large number of Indian tourists visiting this country. Beautiful resorts, unique villages and happy people here will make your tour memorable forever. Suva Forest Park, Fiji Museum, Garden of Sleeping Giant in Fiji are good places to visit.

Tour packages of Fiji can put a little more pressure on your pocket. A tour package of 2 people for 5 days can cost up to 2 lakhs.


Being a neighboring country of India, Bhutan is the easiest to reach. You can reach Bhutan by air or road. Nestled in the mountain range of the Himalayas, this country values ​​happiness more than money. This Buddhist country is a great place for trekking and natural beauty. 

Places to visit in Bhutan include Tiger Nest, Ha Valley, Punakha Jong, Dochula Pass and Buddha Statue. Tiger Nest is a group of Buddhist monasteries built on the corner of inaccessible hills, while the Ha Valley is full of beautiful views of nature. It will take you 3-4 days to visit all the places of Bhutan and for this a couple will get a tour package of up to 80 thousand.



If you want to travel abroad for the cost of Goa package then Nepal will be the best choice for you. Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, is one of the world's ancient cities. Pokhara in Nepal is called the city of lakes. Surrounded by the Himalayan Mountains, this small country gives you a full chance to enjoy nature from adventure.

Where in Nepal there are historical temples like Pashupatinath and Muktinath on one side and the beauty of nature like Pokhara on the other side. Gautama Buddha was born in Lumbini, Nepal. Pashupatinath Temple of Nepal is one of the major temples of Hinduism. For Nepal you can take both air and road routes and going to Nepal and walking there is not too expensive. For Nepal, a package of 2 people for 5-6 days will be easily available within 50 thousand.


So that is all about the 7 beautiful countries where you can travel without a visa. Although in these countries you can get a visa without advance, but you have to take care of some things. You must have a confirmed return ticket to return with a valid passport. Also, there should be enough money to live and roam in that country. Just keep in mind these things, make planning and your vacation memorable forever. 

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