5 Best Weighted Blankets for Anxiety and Better Sleep In 2021

In past recent years, weighted blankets have gained so much popularity. Weighted blankets allow you to get a better night’s sleep as they have been proven to help with anxiety and prolong sleep times. The best weighted blankets help you get the deeply refreshing sleep your mind and body need for everyone. In this article, we are going to discuss the 5 Best Weighted Blankets available in the market today. We have finalized these 5 products after reviewing their brand credibility, unique features like weight, size, fabric, and customizability as well as their price value. So without any further delay here are the 5 best weighted blankets:

Best Weighted Blankets

5. Aura Weighted Blanket:

The fifth product on our list is the Aura Weighted Blanket. If you are planning on using your gravity blanket every day, Aura weighted blanket is one of the most respected. Measuring 60-inch x 80-inch, this queen-size blanket is made using breathable material, which is easy to wash and maintain. Using polyester padding, the inner fill of this blanket makes for a comfortable and secure feel. The sewing is high-quality. The ceramic beads are placed in individual pockets and surrounded with micro fills to ensure they don’t leak or move when you shift around in bed. The versatility of this blanket is truly unquestionable. It can be used in many different ways, including covering the whole body while sleeping, wrapping around the shoulders, or even laying it across your legs. 


  • It comes with ultra-soft removable cover. 
  • It has a modern design. 

  • It is versatile. 


  • It comes with a limited choice of sizes and weights. 

To sum it up, if you are looking for a durable and aesthetically-pleasing weighted blanket, this is the ideal blanket for you. 

4. ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket:

Up next in the fourth place is the ZonLi Cooling Weighted Blanket. This sophisticated product is designed to enhance relaxation, comfort, and quality of sleep. Designed with Deep Pressure Touch Stimulation in mind, ZonLi has been widely acclaimed for sturdy fabric construction and craftsmanship. It is made from 100% cotton, making it super-comfortable, hypoallergenic, and breathable for an unmatched sleeping experience. 

Thanks to the precision-sewn velveteen shell, the glass pellets inside the blanked are evenly distributed, plus it has smart-loops to keep the duvet cover in place. You may be forgiven for thinking that the term “weighted” directly translates heavy. This blanket comes in different weight variations and size dimensions. You can choose your blanket of choice with all this lineup, depending on your current needs.


  • It comes with a wide selection of sizes and weights. 
  • The multi-layered design is highly insulating. 
  • It is budget-friendly. 


  • It must be hand-washed or dry-cleaned only. 

To sum it up, if you are looking for a weighted blanket that combines masterful craft and durability, ZonLi weighted blanket will serve the purpose. It is comfortable, durable, and comes in customizable weights. 

3. Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket:

The third product on our list is the Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket. Are you feeling stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed by the activities you engage in on a day to day basis? This calming comfort weighted blanket is sure to help. One of the most exciting attributes of this product is the added weight. 

Immediate contact with this blanket mimics a big hug, which immediately boosts serotonin in your body, resulting in a warm, cheery energy wave. Not to mention, the BPA-Free Micro-beads are encased in a precisely stitched velveteen fleece to prevent the blanket from falling on the floor due to weight unevenness while sleeping. If you are the type that gets super-hot while sleeping, this comforter has got you covered. 

The duvet cover fabric comes with temperature-regulating technology, which prevents overheating, allowing you to enjoy a cozy “all-night” sleep. For those not familiar with weighted blankets, they come with a pretty steep price tag. This particular gravity blanket comes at a fraction of the cost without compromising on quality. While many highly-priced weighted blankets come without the washable cover, the Calming weighted blanket comes with a complimentary removable cover that can be cleaned in a washing machine. 


  • It uses BPA-free high-density microbead fill. 
  • It is made with Temperature-regulating Fabric. 
  • It comes at an affordable price.


  • It is hard to clean. 

To Sum it up, if you are shopping around for a weighted blanket with a solid design, look no further beyond the Calming Comfort Weighted Blanket. 

2. Tranquility Weighted Blanket:

The second product on our list is the Tranquility Weighted Blanket. Many gravity blankets are manufactured using microfiber fabrics or fuzzy fleece. Although these materials are cozy, they can get overly heated at night. This Tranquility weighted blanket is made from a moisture-wicking, breathable Polyester fabric. As a result, it can maintain a standard temperature throughout the night, making it ideal for people who get hot while sleeping. And that’s not all. 

The premium glass beads and thin polyfill inside the plastics are the closest human hug mimic. They apply deep but gentle pressure throughout your body hence reducing anxieties and stress. It comes with a removable duvet cover for easier cleaning, and you can choose from a variety of weights. Another pleasant surprise is the grey color. It is neutral and blends well with almost every decor, plus it adds a calming effect to the blanket itself. 


  • It comes at very reasonable price. 
  • It has modern Design and Color. 
  • The fabric is truly breathable. 


  • There is no big size available. 

If you are looking for a quality weighted blanket that will not require constant mending, Tranquility Temperature Balancing Weighted Blanket will serve you well. It gives you a giant hug and instantly calms your body. 

1. TRUBlanket Weighted Blanket:

Finally, our top product is the TRUBlanket Weighted Blanket. TRUBlanket uses premium cotton, making it ultra-breathable and aesthetically pleasing. The unique double reinforced diamond pattern quilting keeps the weight evenly distributed and reduces noise for added comfort. As soon as you cover yourself with this blanket, you will feel stress and anxiety melting within. TRUBlanket is large enough to cover your entire body. Measuring at 80” x 60”, you can either use it to snuggle in bed or on the couch as you catch up on your favorite movie.

Each blanket comes with a removable outer cover that is machine-wash friendly, making cleaning a piece of cake. The internal clasps tightly secure the inner layer to the plush duvet cover, meaning that it stays in place no matter how you move at night. TRUBlanket is both environmental and human-friendly. Instead of using plastic beads with unknown chemicals, the manufacturer uses clean and polished glass beads that are odor-free. You can now enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this weighted blanket without allergies or doctor’s recommendation. 


  • It is made with premium quality Materials. 
  • It is environmentally friendly. 
  • It has a removable Cover. 


  • It is on the higher price point.

To sum it up, If you are looking for a weighted blanket that allows you to have a “first full night’s sleep,” TRUBlanket weight blanket is your best bet. It is comfortable, warm, and does not produce crunchy noise when sleeping.


So that is all about the 5 best weighted blankets available on the market today. We hope that these article helps you to choose the best blanket that offer a number of potential benefits and improve your sleep. Do not forget to drop your feedback in the comment section below. We are also always looking forward to seeing your suggestions and comments. Also if you have any question regarding this, do drop them in the comments. I will be sure to chat and reply as much as possible. Please like and share this with your friends and family, because that motivates us.

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