Huawei Mate 50 Pro Price, Camera, Release Date and Full Specifications

Introducing the new Huawei Mate 50 Pro the outlook new explore everything with unmatched power leap broadly into the future speed of the attention whole intelligence and innovative technology on. The Huawei Mate 50 Pro makes the perfect mid for you exploring the future flagship smartphone. 

huawei mate 50 pro

However, Huawei Mate 50 Pro with phone specifications new stunning design features price and release date. The front design of the Huawei mate 50 pro is fully satisfactory the waterfall screen design is used on both sides of the screen and the front camera part and face recognition part. The difference between Huawei mate 50 pro plus and Huawei p50 pro plus is that the screen punch part is no longer a double punch design but a single punch is designed in the middle of the screen.

Although the Huawei uses a single hole design in terms of apparentness the single hole front lens of the Mate 50 Pro contains multiple functions for example the face recall function is also complete by this front-facing camera because in addition to the face recall pattern displayed on the screen, in fact, it also clearly identifies that the Mate 50 Pro is equipped with face recognition unlocking and is dependent on single-camera the design of the Mate 50 Pro is really amazing you can see a completely different design concept.

The appearance of the rear camera module of the phone part of the Huawei phone has changed it can be seen that a Huawei smartphone does not place all the lenses in the lens module but splits it into two parts at the same time. 

The Huawei logo of the Mate 50 Pro also follows the design philosophy in the lower-left corner of the phone which has not changed front killer ceramic bag aluminum frame IP68 dust water resistor 6.9 inches OLED display 120-hertz refresh rate resolution 1344 x 2772 pixels 18.5:9 aspect ratio chipset high silicon cream 825 g most updated version 12 16 gigabytes of ram and 256 gigabytes 512 gigabytes of storage 108-megapixel Penta lens camera 8k video recording with led flash under-display, front camera, USB Type-C 3.1, USB on the go fingerprint sensor optical under disability.

huawei mate 50 pro

In addition in terms of battery capacity and fast charging technology however p50 propellers may also improve for example wireless fast charging has changed from 27 to 40-watt limited charging has been upgraded directly to 100 watts and so on at the same time however p50 pro plus will also support two-way wireless charging technology for the use of reverse wireless charging the outside world is still looking forward to it.

However, Mate 50 Pro expected price 1500 us dollar and expected release date October 2021. The design of Huawei p50 pro plus in the concept rendering do you think you can accept it from the appearance of the Huawei p50 pro plus really goes on sale according to the design in the concept renderings will your sport and buy it.

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