How to Use ShareX (Beginners Guide) 2021

The screen capture utility share x and How to Use ShareX. This powerful free and open-source Windows program is more than just a simple screenshot tool. It includes other useful tools as well. In the comments, many of you requested for me to do a tutorial. So this beginner's guide I'll show you the various ways to take a screenshot. In addition, I'll show you how to record your screen use the video converter and a whole lot more. let's get started.

How to Use ShareX

  • Where to Download?

To download the program to install. It's available on the share x website for windows 7 8.1 and 10. For Windows 10 users it's also available from the Microsoft store since this is a beginner's guide I'll try to keep this as simple as possible showing you how to use the basic tools that I use most often when you launch share x there are two ways that you can use it you could use the program window itself to access the various tools another method is to minimize the window go to the system tray look for the share x icon and right-click on it. 

You'll find the same categories listed here as well for the purposes of this video we'll use the program window for each tutorial on their home screen. If you prefer keyboard shortcuts you'll find the most popular hotkeys listed for example to capture an active window you'll press the alt and print screen keys.

  • How to Take a Screenshot:

 if you want to take a screenshot you have many choices in the sidebar here on the left select capture let's go through each of these individually full screens will capture everything on your screen. if you have multiple monitors you'll get a multiple monitor screen capture window that lets you select any open window and nothing else monitor lets you capture the full screen of any monitor on your list for the region there are three listed the first one is the standard left-click drag and capture which you'll probably use most often light gives you fewer view options and transparent affects the readability of the text for most screenshots.

The first region listed will be your best bed after taking your screenshot in the top bar you can save it to your computer copy it to your clipboard upload and print and to the right of that there are also image editing tools to mark up your screen capture.

  • How to Take a Scrolling Capture:

For those times you need to capture an entire web page from top to bottom not only what is visible on your screen I'll show you how to do a scrolling capture I'll turn off the mouse highlighter for this one to avoid yellow circles on the screenshot once again let's go to capture and select scrolling capture select the window in this case that would be the browser window this will work with any program that requires you to scroll up or down the page when the new window opens here at the bottom click on start scrolling capture.

Let's maximize this when it's done you'll get a preview here at the top click upload save depending on after capture settings this will open with the same image editor that was seen in our previous example that will let you save copy upload print and mark up your image.

  • How to Use the Screen Recorder:

Share x also has a good screen recorder while it's not as feature-packed as obs studio it's easy enough to use for most people to start recording you could use the keyboard shortcut shift plus print screen or go to capture and select screen recording move your cursor to the area you'd like to record your entire screen move your cursor outside of any window and left-click your recording will now begin to know it's recording you'll see a red dot here in the system tray to stop recording.

You could use the keyboard shortcut mentioned earlier shift plus print screen or click on the red dot you'll now see the recording listed here in the main window to modify the screen recorder settings here on the left go to task settings in the left pane. select screen recorder for screen recording frames per second I prefer 60 but you can get by with 30 if you want a smaller file size let's now go to screen recording options prior to using the screen recorder for the first time you'll want to click download in the upper right I've already done.

How to Use ShareX

This will download and install the encoder to create the video other than that if you plan to record audio select your audio source you should see your microphone or preamp listed for video codec I use h.264 to compress the image without losing video quality with the constant rate factor set to 28 with a preset of ultra-fast the audio codec I use is mp3 and I have the quality for that set to four based on your system. You may have to adjust these if needed x out when you're done.

If you are someone that's into gifts not to be confused with jeff the steps are similar to make a gift from a recording the keyboard shortcut to start and stop is control plus shift plus print screen or you could go to capture and select screen recording gif you can record any part of your screen any open window or your entire screen we'll just do the open window right now left click to begin to stop click the red dot in the system tray like we did before and anytime you record any open window on your screen you also have the option to click stop just below the window.

  • How to Use the Video Converter:

If you ever need to convert any of your video files share x has a useful video converter on the home screen go-to tools and select video converter. This will open a new window for input file path click the three dots to browse for the video file you'd like to convert go with this one here let's go down to the output folder and click the three dots to select the location of your converted file give your file a name you're an output file name.

I'll just call this one vb convert for the video codec h.264 is highly compatible with other programs below that use the slider to select your video quality with 0 being the highest and 51 being the lowest a good middle ground is around 25 to 20. when you're ready click start encoding and wait for it to finish.

  • How to Use the QR Code Creator:

When you click on tools in addition to the video converter I just showed you there are other useful tools to check out I won't spend much time here. There's a color picker an image editor a ruler and a whole lot more the QR code creator is quite handy restaurants have been using them lately to access their menus just copy and paste the URL into the box to create the new QR code right click on the image to copy it to your clipboard save to your computer or upload it. 

  • How to Upload Files:

When you go to upload you have several choices to do it manually click on upload your choices are upload file upload a folder upload from your clipboard upload text upload from URL drag and drop and upload and shorten URL after you do a screenshot recording or upload you can choose where those files get uploaded let's go-to destinations for each type of file.

You can choose where to upload those files but first, you must connect your account so let's go-to destination settings you'll see these services on the left in various categories select your service here on the right at the top click on connect and follow the instructions I think so far we've covered the absolute basics for beginners just a few minor things to cover on the home screen on the left click on application settings there may be a few changes you'd like to make in a general category if you want share x to appear in your system tray check the box next to show tray icon to change the look of the program itself.

Go to the theme you have five to choose from click the drop-down arrow you have dark light nor dark nor light and to select a specific location on your computer to save your captures go to paths and select browse go find your location select the folder and when you're done click on apply.

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