How to Link Pan Card and Aadhaar Card

If you have not yet linked your PAN card and Aadhaar card, then you must complete this necessary process. Today we will tell you how you can link PAN-Aadhaar.


  • You can link PAN-Aadhaar on the income tax site
  • Apart from this, there is also the facility of linking via SMS.
  • PAN-Aadhaar link status can also be checked on the income tax site
How to Link Pan Card and Aadhaar Card

Aadhaar linking with a PAN card is mandatory in 
New Delhi country. This is an important process because through this you can process your income tax return. Apart from this, it is also necessary to link your PAN with Aadhaar for banking transactions of Rs 50,000 and above. The process of linking PAN and Aadhaar is extremely easy. Tell you which steps you can follow to link PAN to Aadhaar.

You can link PAN and Aadhaar in two ways:

1. Method of linking PAN-Aadhaar through income tax e-filing website

2. By sending SMS to 567678 or 56161

1. PAN and Aadhaar link through e-filing website the steps:

Step 1: Go to the first income tax website

Step 2: was the base card name, PAN, and Aadhaar number to enter

Step 3: just Square tick when Mention birth year based card

Step 4: Now enter captcha code (Visually impaired users can send OTP request instead of captcha code. OTP will be sent to their registered mobile number.)

Step 5: Now click on the Link Aadhaar button

2. How to link PAN to Aadhaar by sending an SMS.

Step 1: Type on your phone: UIDPAN, then write a 12-digit Aadhaar number and then a 10-digit PAN number.

Step 2: Now the message mentioned in step 1 is 567678 or Send to 56161

The method of linking PAN-Aadhaar by filling the form:

you can also manually link PAN by going to NSDL PAN Service Provider. To complete this process, necessary documents have to be submitted along with the form.

Check the status of the PAN-Aadhaar card-link like this:

Step 1: Go to the official website of the Income Tax Department and click on Aadhaar Status. Or click on the link

Step 2: Now enter your Aadhaar and PAN card number.

Step 3: Click on 'View Link Aadhaar Status'.

Apart from this, you can also check the status of your Aadhaar card and PAN link through SMS. You have to send an SMS in the format given below to the number 567678 or 56161.

First write UIDPAN, after this enter 12 digit Aadhaar number and then 10 digit PAN number

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