Boult Zigbuds Review: Style of LED lights in Truly Wireless Buds, How Powerful?

The era is of Bluetooth audio devices and the new trend is of Truly Wireless Earbuds (TWS). If you want to buy strong buds on a low budget, then many options have come into the market. New LED-powered wireless Zigbuds have been launched by Boult Audio and we reviewed them using them. Let's see how their performance is?

Boult Zigbuds Review

Audio devices have changed rapidly over time and the new trend is that of Truly Wireless Earbuds (TWS). Special LED-powered buds are being offered by Boult, a manufacturer of audio products, and the company has named it Boult Zigbuds. These buds, which come with Bluetooth 5.0 and noise cancellation, are claiming music playback time of up to 18 hours. To check their performance, we used these Zigbuds for about three weeks and are sharing the review with you,

Build quality and comfort Boult Zigbuds get a premium build and these buds are made of soft plastic material instead of cheap shiny plastic. The case of buds is also of this material and besides being small, it is also handy. It is also easy to open with the help of a curve made on it and it gives a soft rubber-like feel. Inside the LED indicators are given to indicate the battery level. Apart from this, LED lights are also provided on the buds which blink during music playback and make it quite stylish.

With this device that supports micro USB charging, the company has also provided ear tips of different sizes and a small micro USB cable is also available. Zigbuds come with IPX7 water resistance, ie they are splash-proof. They are quite comfortable with the right size tip and do not fall off the ears. However, these have to be taken care of during heavy running and movement. Due to being splash proof, the sweat during workouts does not affect them.

Boult Zigbuds Review

Talking about audio performance, Zigbuds provide powerful sound. Due to noise cancellation, the external noise is not heard at all while using TWS. If you like Powerful Bass then you will like their audio output. The best sound is heard at around 60 percent of the volume and these earbuds are quite loud. The sound you get from Truly Wireless Buds is quite good, but the perfect sound of all instruments to the hardcore classical music lovers may not sound like professional headphones.

High-quality AAC audio support is available in these wireless bands. However, the crispness felt a bit lacking and boosted the bass sound's clarity in some places. We also did gaming with these Zigbuds and got normal latency due to Bluetooth connectivity. These buds are good for normal usage, listening to music, and calling. Sound is not very clear in outdoor calling but indoor calling can be done with the help of these.


Stylish Zigbuds come with Bluetooth version 5.0 support and we got powerful connectivity. If you want, you can use only one bud as both offer master connectivity. This means that both buds connect to the device separately. Auto-pairing is very easy to use and the buds connect to the phone between the box and the earplug. The company has claimed to give calls and music controls to the buds, but due to their high sensitivity, touch controls did not work for us at all.

Boult Zigbuds Review

Battery Life:

We did not complain at all about the battery life of Boult Zigbuds. They used to charge only once for about three weeks using it as a secondary audio device. The company claims up to 80 hours of standby time and has power. Buds rarely complain of low-battery and after charging for a while, they are charged again. You can always view them on the battery status indicator by placing them in the case. It takes more than an hour to fully charge their case with a micro USB cable.

Our Opinion:

Zigbuds can be purchased if your budget is low but you need it with a stylish Buds Premium Experience. These can be your choice to listen to music with heavy bass. However, the touch controls available on them do not work, it must be kept in mind. If you want to stand out from the crowd and want decent audio quality, you can buy Boult Zigbuds. Our overall experience was good with them.

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