Samsung Galaxy A52 First Look, Price, Specs and Release Date

Galaxy S21 is launching exactly one month from now in an unpacked event on January the 14th, it's one of the most important launch events for Samsung purely because it represents the best of the company and also because it brings in a lot of cash. But arguably the Samsung Galaxy A52 First Look is even more important for the company because it’s the affordable phone people are more likely to buy, the phone that caters to a wide audience instead of enthusiasts. 

Samsung Galaxy A52

We've seen it with the Galaxy A51 which was the top-selling Android phone in Quarter 1 of this year and one of the top-selling phones in general for the year 2020. And today we have a lot of information about the Galaxy A52 including the first look which reveals Samsung isn’t in a rush to reinvent one of its best-selling designs. First up let's talk about some of the leaked specifications of this handset. Unlike the A51 which had both Exynos and Snapdragon variant, the Galaxy A52 will go all-in with a Snapdragon chipset. 

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Samsung will launch the A52 in two versions, 4G and 5G. We know already that the 5G version will use the Snapdragon 750G processor which offers near-flagship performance as it has the Cortex A77 prime core. The Snapdragon 750G is likely the successor to the Snapdragon 765G found on the Pixel 5. Now, for the 4G variant, Samsung is using Snapdragon 720G as revealed by the benchmark for the A52. The 720G chipset will offer identical performance to the 730G found in devices like the Pixel 4a and the Galaxy A71. So for the price, this is a good chipset that offers better performance and graphics. With that being said, the first look of the A52 has been revealed by Onleaks, and as you can see it looks identical to the Galaxy A51 with that punch hole camera up front and a quad rear camera array.

Samsung Galaxy A52

The largest outward change may be the look of those rear cameras, which visually resemble what you see on the Note 20 family. It's not a huge difference, but it's the biggest one you'll find, design-wise, between the A51 5G and the A52 5G. It will have a 6.5-inch screen with an embedded fingerprint sensor of optical type and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The back will be plastic, while the frame is metal. There’s no mention of a release date or price for the Galaxy A52. But given the reportedly conservative design, though, I wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung ships the new model relatively quickly at a price similar to the $499 of the 5G version and $399 for the 4G version.

Now, the Galaxy A72 is another handset people are looking forward to. Earlier there were rumors that Samsung will equip 5 rear cameras on the A72 but turns out that won't be the case as we have case renders for the Galaxy A72 that shows the handset will have 4 rear cameras same as the A71. The only difference will be that these modules will be bigger in size. But the quality of these cameras will be better since Samsung for the first time is using their own camera sensors which they have been using on their flagships on these A72 as well as the A52. So it seems the biggest upgrade the A52 and A72 will see in the camera department as well as in the chipsets. 

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