How to Protect your Instagram Account From Hackers and Phishing Attacks


Nowadays the risk of account hacking and phishing attacks has increased significantly on social media, so you should also keep your social media accounts secure, including Instagram, Facebook and take care of security. Today we will show you how to protect your Instagram account from Hackers and Fishing Attackers. See easy tips and tricks.

How to Protect your Instagram Account


  1. Information about some things is very important to secure social media account
  2. Whether it is Instagram or Facebook, keep passwords everywhere strong enough
  3. Do not share your social media account password with anyone

The world of social media is full of such dazzles, but inside it, Hackers and Fishing Attackers are also looking for opportunity and as soon as they see any weakness in any other social media accounts including Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp or someone If the account is weak in terms of security, then they hack it and with the misuse of the personal data of the users, they collect the money. In recent days, many celebrities have had phishing attacks on Instagram and they have suffered some damage.

Risk of-

Launching a fishing attack, this year is a big concern. Phishing refers to fraud in which fraud is committed through email. Such emails appear to come from a well-known company, in whose trap, a person discloses his personal information, such as password or credit card number, and other important information.

If you get some suspicious messages on Instagram, people who have clicked on the messages in their DM (Direct Message) have been cheated and cheated. Such messages were like an official communication from Instagram and due to this people got confused about the fact that they were real and they lost control of their Instagram account.

Easy Tips & Tricks:

If you want to protect your Instagram account from phishing attacks or hackers, today we are going to tell you some tips and tricks as well as the most important things, using which you can make your social media account quite safe and somehow Can avoid the possibility or danger of danger.

To fully secure your Instagram account, you must keep the two-factor authentication active. This gives double protection to your account. It provides security to your account even when someone is aware of your password. This way only you can access your account. Two-factor authentication can be done with a code sent from an SMS or a third-party application from Yami Duo Mobile or Google Authenticator.

You should always choose a strong password, which has at least 6 characters, numbers, and special characters. If you have all these in your password, it will not be easy to track them at all.

- You must revoke or revoke access granted to a third party application. They can access your login information.

- You should never share your password with people whom you do not trust.
Instagram does not directly communicate with any user. You need to know that all the contacts from Instagram are done through email, which can be confirmed in the app by going to Settings, Security, Email from Instagram.

- If you feel that your account has been hacked or its control has gone to someone else, then you can take many steps to secure your account and for this, you will have to go to this link-

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