You can Talk to These Chatting Apps Without Phone Number

In today's time, privacy has become a very big topic. If you too are not comfortable sharing your number with someone while talking, then we are telling you about such apps, where you do not need to provide mobile number information to talk. You can talk to these Chatting Apps Without Phone Number.


  1. You do not need a phone number in these apps
  2. No personal data needed
  3. No need for a phone number

Chatting Apps Without Phone Number

If you want to connect with someone online for work or any other subject, then most of the time you have to share your number with each other. If you are not comfortable sharing your number with someone, then you can connect with them through many other chatting apps, where you can talk without sharing the number. You do not want to include everyone on your Facebook or WhatsApp. 

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In today's time, there are many problems in sharing your number with someone else, because the phone number is linked to the Aadhaar card, bank account, income tax, chatting app, car registration, and many other things related to life. In today's time, scams identify the phone number to extract other information related to a person, due to which the money is scammed. Today we are telling you about some such chatting apps, You will not need a number to use and will be able to talk to each other without sharing the number. In these apps, you may need a phone number at the time of sign-in, but you can hide them while chatting.

Skype app is added to people through their ID. The Skype app requires just one ID to talk to someone else, chat, and video calling. For this, the user does not need a phone number. This app works in a very old way. Through Skype, you can talk without sharing an identity. If you want to discuss a more sensitive issue, then you can use any other means for it.

In the Telegram app, each needs a phone number to set up at the beginning. In this app, the user gets a chance to chat privately without sharing their number. You can create your profile ID in this app and hide your number. For this, you have to go to the settings and hide the profile picture and number. Yes, but you can say that you need a phone number for initial tasks in this app.

Google Meet is an app through which users can talk without sharing their numbers. For this, only a separate email id needs to be created. If you are just talking online or want to talk about a topic in a private way, then you can do this work through Google Meet. Users can talk to it in Google Meet by creating a different email ID.

photo in the Instagram app can also create an anonymous account. For this, you need to create a separate Instagram account with a different email ID. You do not need to add any photo to it. At the same time, you can private your profile photo in it. You can talk to people only by sharing your ID or with their ID only. For this, you neither need a phone number nor a Facebook profile.

Discord is a chatting app that does not require any kind of personal data to talk, chat and hang out. In this, you neither have to give any information while registering nor do you have to share any information while chatting. For this, the user only has to create their profile and people have to add through their ID. There is no need for a phone number in this entire process.

ProtonMail is used for encrypted mail. ProtonMail is the easiest way to mail someone without knowing. This is a tool that is fully encrypted and users can use VPN to increase their privacy.

The user does not need a phone number to use Wire Secure Messenger. It is a messaging app that gives users a chance to talk to each other without identifying their numbers. For this, users have to register by going to "". For this, you will need an email ID which is not necessarily your primary ID. If you want, prepare a Profile ID for this and then you can talk. Now you can download its app on your phone and sign in with the registered email id. A wire is like Twitter in a way, where you can add people and chat with them. There is no need for a phone number for this.

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