Top 5 Best Photo Editing Software for Free

If you want a free high-quality photo editor without having to pay for an expensive program like photoshop you're in luck whether you need something simple for basic edits or you're someone that requires advanced features to edit your images like a pro there's a free photo editor for you so coming up in this Top 5 Best Photo Editing Software for free I'll count down the best photo editing software for your computer that you can use for free let's get started.

Best Photo Editing Software

1. Adobe Photoshop Express:

 starting off our countdown at number five is adobe photoshop express with a low learning curve this easy to use program is for those of you that want to edit your photos quickly and surprisingly for an adobe product it's completely free while not having as many features as the premium photoshop you'll find it has a good set of tools to enhance your images including hundreds of filters effects and themes when editing a photo you'll find tools along the left to change the look crop make corrections there's a spot heal and red-eye tool and you can change the border before making any changes here at the top clicking on auto-enhance does a great job of automatically adjusting several values including exposure temperature and contrast after making any changes you can view your original image by selecting the icon to the right of auto-enhance. Adobe photoshop express is available for windows from the Microsoft store and they also have apps available for ios and android.

2. Photoscape x:

The feature-packed photoscape x in addition to their photo editor. It lets you create collages and gifs capture your screen and it supports raw images to transform your image it includes a large toolset there are tools to add effects and filters remove the background and for those of you that enjoy working with multiple images, there are several batch options it has a user-friendly layout the top bar is where you select the type of project you'd like to work on the collage maker and the gif creator are located here along with the editor when editing your image you'll find all the tools in the upper right for this photo let's change the film effect there are many to choose from let's go-to looks and select retro 1910 when you're satisfied with your changes to click on apply here at the bottom photoscape x does offer a pro version for around forty dollars with additional tools but for most people their free version should be all that they need photoscape x is available for mac os and windows 10. if you're running an older Windows operating system select the link on this page for photoscape 3.7.


It was initially released way back in 2004 as a more advanced alternative to Microsoft paint and still gets regular updates some of those advanced tools include the ability to work with layers has tons of filters a 3d rotate zoom function special effects and plugins created by the community that can be installed to enhance its functionality it's improved quite a bit over the years and better late than never.

Now has a dark theme most of the tools you would need are located in the toolbar on the left in the menu bar at the top is where you'll find additional tools including effects one of my favorites is an oil painting which can be found by going to artistic and selecting oil painting you can get for free from the developer's website with the option to donate for windows 7 or newer. You also have the option if you use windows 10 to buy from the Microsoft store for a one-time fee of around seven dollars to support the developer. Before we get to the top two here are three bonus picks all of which are browser-based so they can be used in your favorite browser regardless of your operating system.

Best Photo Editing Software

4. Pixlr:

Pixlr has been a favorite for many people over several years it's now available in two flavors pixlr x is geared towards beginners with around a dozen tools and pixlr e for more advanced users includes nearly two dozen separate tools another popular web app is fotor it's great if you just need something basic to touch up a photo with a decent number of tools to tweak your images and the absolute best web app is photop its layout closely resembles photoshop with a ton of features including the ability to save your project as a PSD file best of all it's completely free in the runner-up spot.

5. Krita:

Krita this free and open-source program just like our number one pick has a high learning curve so it'll take some time to get comfortable using it while it's designed for those involved with digital painting and animation there are plenty of tools to edit your images as well including masking tools filters special effects more than 100 brushes and includes layer management support it has a fantastic layout with most of the tools you'd ever need to be located on the left and on the right is a color selector layers and a large number of brush presets when you first get started there's a handy manual on their site that will teach you how to use it. Krita is available for all three of the major platforms windows mac and Linux.

6. GIMP:

The absolute best free photo editing software released in 1996 this open-source program includes many tools often only found in expensive programs it's compatible with most image file types including photoshop PSD files it includes a large number of tools advanced filters and effects color adjustments and the ability to work with layers when you first launch you'll find the toolbox on the left with the layers on the right if you've recently installed you'll notice that you have fewer tools than what is shown here if you want the full toolset to be visible here in the toolbox go to edit and select preferences in the left pane select toolbox where it says use tool groups make sure this box is unchecked.

We'll close this out by clicking ok in a recent update to they've added a new filter called long shadow which is kind of cool I'll show you that right now after you've created text select the text layer on the right in the menu bar at the top select filters light and shadow then long shadow in the pop-up box make any changes if needed feel free to play around with this on your own to keep this simple. I will change the shadow color to black and click ok to finish on the website they have tutorials that will help you to get started we've also released a couple beginners guides on our channel that might help you out as well is available for Windows Linux and mac.

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