Top 10 Best iPhone Apps of 2021

Hey, what's going on everyone this is our reviews back with another video, and today I will show you guys the top 10 best iPhone apps of 2021 that you can get on your device in 2021. I know there are a lot of great apps that could have made this video but I try to pick some that are very very useful and are overall great apps.

Best iPhone Apps

1. Dualgram:

Dualgram allows you to shoot videos and pictures with both cameras at the same time so you can use the front camera and the rear camera both at the same time you will have some great options with this app if you go here you will see all different kinds of layouts that you can use and of course you can quickly double-tap here to switch between cameras you can use all the zoom features all the lenses of your device and of course you will have here the flash as well now going to settings you will have here the option to save the video as one so both cameras one video or you can enable these buttons right here and then you will be able to basically shoot with both cameras at the same time but save as two separate videos one for the rear and one for the front-facing camera.

2. Moloko:

Since I was 14 has been released people have been going crazy about customizing their devices installing custom themes of course widgets and all that stuff now. Moloko is an app that is free and it allows us to download icon packs for your device you can see right here the layout of the app the interface very simple to use and yet very beautiful right here we'll have some trending themes then you have here a lot of different themes you can choose from and of course, download them to your device once you have found the theme that you want to use you go ahead tap on it it shows you here a preview of the theme and then you will have two different buttons you will have one for third-party apps and one for the system apps of your ios device you tap the little download button it will take you right here and then from here you will be able to download these to your device.

Now all you got to do is just tap install the theme and click allow and this will download a profile to your settings once you have installed that profile you will get this icon pack on the home screen of your device.

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3. FotorGear:

FotorGear is the next app for the video. This is a camera app that is manual it allows you to basically control everything manually you can see the interface of the app right here you will have different filters and you can swipe from here to change between different filters you will have the focus here you have the white balance the iso the shutter speed everything is on manual it will have a slider here, of course, to go ahead and choose which like shutter speed you want or iso or anything you want basically can be controlled using this slider now what's cool about this is that when you tap the focus somewhere you can go ahead and turn up or down the brightness here and you can also set the amount of the effect of the filter with this other slider right here so pretty cool control everything manually if that's something you like with the camera apps then this is the app for you and also the app is free.

4. The Weather Channel:

The weather from the weather channel is one of the best weather apps that you can get on your device right now this is the home screen of the app where you can search for any city you want. Of course, it displays the city right there at the top you will see the current weather right there, and then you will have more details here you have the today you have the hourly forecast and then, of course, the daily forecast as well.

So all you got to do is just move here slide and you will see the daily forecast or move between the different hours of the day and right here you will have top stories so we have like a weather app combined with news as well so everything you need to know regarding the weather all the news will be right here which is actually really really cool now going lower here will have all the different details regarding the weather tap on details and you will get all the different details you need to know about the wind the UI UV index and all that it will have here daily as well if you go to daily you will see different details regarding today and then, of course, you can move between other days as well right here you also have a radar here so go ahead and check the radar you can see right here all the different details you can, of course, go ahead and move between different cities zoom in and out and see the weather radar.

Best iPhone Apps

5. Google Podcast:

It's a fairly new app it has been released during the past year and it has some amazing features if you listen to podcasts then this is a must-have app this is the home here where you will see your subscriptions basically any different podcasts you subscribe to they will show up here if you go to one of them you will see here all the different details you have the option to download them or share them from here now then you will have here a search bar from where you can search for any podcast you want or you can go ahead and browse between different categories from here now if you go on the side here then you will have your queue you will have your downloads if you have downloaded any episodes you will find them here then you will have the history and you will have your subscriptions as well, of course, you can go ahead and manage them from here if you want to unsubscribe or share it or do something with that you can do that from this section.

6. Walli - Cool Wallpapers HD:

Next up we have a wallpaper app now when it comes to wallpaper wallet is by far my favorite it has some really unique wallpapers that will make your device really stand out and look different so this is the home screen of wall-e once you open the app you will see the recent wallpapers that have been uploaded by different artists you will see here some really beautiful wallpapers now when you go to one of the wallpapers of course you can tap right here to preview the wallpaper and see how it looks on your device and then you will have here related wallpapers as well you can see very amazing and then here you can also go to different collections you will have the popular wallpapers here and the featured ones as well you can go to the search bar right here if you want to search for any different tags different artists or different images directly from here and then of course go ahead and explore these beautiful wallpapers now if you want to get these for your device you can go ahead and tap the download button you will have a little pop-up right here of course these are for personal use only you tap on the agree button and you can go ahead and choose in which mode you want to download it of course you're using it on the iphone you want this basically rectangle right here you can do the square if you want to download it for your ipad tap the download button and you're good to go.

7. ImageSearch:

It allows us to search for images only. It is an amazing app it looks simple but it's very useful so you go ahead and search here for anything you want so let's just search for iphone right here you can see you will get amazing results not just like trash pictures and stuff like that you can see here you have gestures which allow you to move between different images that you have found of course we can go to a very great view right there but just let me just show you these gestures which you can configure from the settings if you go right here you will have your swipe behavior you have up down left right and all that so in this case i have set it all to skip but if i like an image all i gotta do is just swipe it down and this will download it to the camera roll of my device now what i like about it is that when you go to grid and you will get a bunch of results you can go ahead and select a bunch of pictures and just click save and save all of them at once they can save them to your photo library you have all the albums right here or you can save them to a folder which you can create within this app so just tap right there and they are saved on that album if you go to folders you can create folders in which you can save these pictures within the app and not the camera roll of your device.

Best iPhone Apps

8. File Converter:

With file converter you will be able to convert all kinds of different files on your device here we have the app this is the home screen from where you can go ahead and pick all kinds of different files that you want to convert so let's go ahead and choose here convert to pdf let's say we want to convert an image to a pdf let's just take a picture here real quick and then we will convert this into a pdf file so tap on use photo and just like that you can go ahead and tap on start conversion, of course, you will have the different settings right here tap on the save button once you have set your settings to tap on convert right here and now we have that image being converted to a pdf file that's very cool of course now this is something just like basic you will have all kinds of different audio, conversions video, conversions image. Of course pdf files ebooks everything can be actually converted with this app which is really really amazing now wait here for this process to be finished and once it's done you will be able to save that to the files app.

9. Converter+:

Now of course if you have files to convert you probably also have different units that you want to convert on your device and with converter plus you will be able to convert any different unit you can think of it is very very useful right here on the home screen you will have a few different units that are basically featured and you can choose from them quickly from here or you can search right there on the search bar and you will see a list of long long different units that are here that you can go ahead and actually just convert to any different unit you want so let's just go to time here you can see once i go ahead and enter an amount on one of these i can do that on each of them it will show you the result on all the different units so right here we have entered days you can see it will convert it up to like microseconds and all that which is really really awesome so anything you can think of will be right here now when you go to the edit button you can also edit these units if you want to remove any one of them from the list here or rearrange them you can do that from here again you will have a long list of different units to convert with this app.


Bookmarks is an amazing app that lets you manage your links save them and of course quickly find them and also organize them into different folders so right here we're on the folder section you will have all your links right there at the top and then you will have here your recent links and of course the links that contain videos as well so that's really really cool and here you can create different folders by tapping on this button and then organize your links into those folders so if we go to one of the folders here you will see the links that you will basically be able to save here tap the plus button enter the url here and of course a title for that link and you will have them saved now if we go to one of the links we can go ahead and just tweak the touch on it and open it move it copy it share it or do anything you want now you can go here and actually go ahead and rearrange these and of course add new links from that button right there so that is it for this video guys these are the top 10 best iphone apps that you can get on your device in 2021.

I know there are probably a ton of different apps that could have made this list but these are the ones that I chose that I believe are great apps and useful as well thank you guys for reading. 

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