iPad iOS 14 - iPad Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

What's going on everyone today I will show you guys 18 iPad tricks on iPad iOS 14 that you probably didn't know existed and with the release of iPad iOS14. We have a ton of new features some of them are hidden and are actually really cool to know, of course very useful. So in this article, I will show you guys 18 of those hidden tips and tricks that you need to know on your iPad running iPad iOS 14. starting things off with the home screen widgets of course on iPad iOS 14.

1. Home Screen Widgets:

iPad iOS 14 - 18 iPad Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

On iOS 14 you have the new home screen widgets but you're just limited to this part right here you cannot add them anywhere on the screen but when you want to add one of them the easiest way to do it you can see right here you will have that highlighted part these are the widgets that will always show on the screen right here you can go ahead and easily rearrange them like this you can add a new one right there and remove one just like that simply by dragging and also when you go to add a new one you can see that by simply going ahead and adding it to the screen it will put it right here but what if you want to add one right there to the highlighted part which is always on the screen tap and hold here and just drag it and now you can go ahead and release it anywhere you want or even create a stack if you want to.

2. Spotlight Search:

iPad iOS 14 - 18 iPad Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

On iPad iOS 14 we have a totally new spotlight search which now is called just search on the new spotlight search you will be able to also search websites directly from here so anywhere on the iPad when you launch the search you can go ahead and launch any website from here just type the website you want to open and as you can see right here I can just go ahead tap the go button and it will directly go ahead and open that website directly from search without me having to go first on safari.

The new search on iPad iOS 14 can be accessed from the home screen similar by swiping down and if you have a keyboard you can use commands to open it anywhere even within apps but there is a trick to do that without a keyboard as well you go to the settings you go to accessibility you go to touch and go ahead and enable assistive touch go to double-tap or single tap triple tap whichever just you want to use and go ahead and select right here spotlight it's still called spotlight there and then you can use the assistive touch to enable the search from anywhere on any app anywhere you just go ahead double tap there and you will be able to have access to the spotlight search.

3. Keyboard Trick:

A very cool keyboard trick that you can do on your iPad on iPad iOS14. I'm not really sure but you might be able to do this on iPad iOS 13 as well so if you still have iPad iOS 13 go ahead try it out and let me know so of course whenever you're on a text you tap and hold here the spacebar and it will basically turn the keyboard into a trackpad that's all news you can do the same with the keyboard of the emojis so when you go to the emojis you want to place the emoji anywhere on the text you have here the spacebar you can see this little space bar you can go ahead and actually tap and hold that and it will turn the emoji keyboard into a trackpad, of course, allowing you to go ahead and add that emoji anywhere you want. 

4. Sidebar:

There are new features on the photos apps as well so we have the new sidebar which is really cool so you tap right there it shows the sidebar with everything you need all the albums that stuff. You don't have to reach right there to show the sidebar on any app that has a sidebar that shows and hides you can do that simply by swiping like this from the corner you can go ahead and show the sidebar as easy as that it's really really cool and right here we have the albums now what you can do here is delete an album easily just swipe like this and you will be able to delete any of the albums that you have on iPad iOS 14. 

iPad iOS 14 - iPad Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

5. Previews:

When you have your albums like this you can see here the previews that they have like the key photos you can go ahead and change that on any of the albums. just open one of them 3d touch on the photo that you want to make a key photo tap right there and then that will be the key photo of that album so the first photo that shows on that album on the preview will be the photo that you choose not automatically the first one. if you want to move like photos between different albums you can do that from here from the sidebar so i'm on this album right here i can go ahead and drag this photo and just place it like anywhere i want on any other album just like that just go ahead and release that and if i go to this album you can see here we have the photo that we just dropped there you can do cool stuff with the sidebar on the files app as well so here i have the files app i have the tags here of course i have all the different locations what if i want to put a tag on one of these files right here all i gotta do is just drag this file and just release it right here to the tag that i want to put on that file and you can see right there it has now been tagged it's as easy as that just drag it right here to the tag that you want to and it's as easy as that you can see you can turn that into a tag for that file on the files app on ipad iOS 14 you will also be able to turn images into pdf files just 3d touch on any image and right here you will find the option to go ahead and create a pdf out of that file so just like that create pdf and you're good to go 

5. Shape Recognition:

when apple presented iPad iOS 14 you probably have seen shape recognition how it works when you're marking up screenshots or something like that you can also do that with photos so you basically go to the edit button tap on three dots right there and tap on markup and you will have shape recognition working on photos as well so just like that you go ahead and basically just tap right there tap and hold once you draw something and you will be able to turn that into a shape so as easy as that tap and always just hold and you're good to go you can see it draws like perfect shapes you don't have to bother about drawing something you can see how ugly that is but it will turn it into a beautiful shape.

6. iMessage App:

On the iMessage app you can now pin conversations now the easiest way to do that is just tap-hold drag the conversation and just release it right there to go ahead and pin that conversation now if you want to unpin it you can also just drag it down like this and just basically go ahead and just place it right here and that will be unpinned as easy as that now once you're on the conversation you know there's a new feature on iPad iOS 14 and iOS 14 all as well it's called in Ryan inline reply so basically when you're having like a group chat or something like that you can go ahead and specifically reply to a message so here i have a few messages if I want to specifically reply to one of them all I have to do is just double tap on that message and here we have the chance to go ahead and reply exactly to that message only.

7. Change the Resolution:

With iPad iOS 14 you will also be able to change the resolution and the frames per second directly from the camera app without having to go to the settings so once you go down the video mode you will have right there the resolution you can see right there you tap on the left side to change the resolution from HD to 4k and then on the right side right there you can change the frames per second you can see we have 30/60. you can just go ahead and change them right away from here without having to dig into the settings app.

8. iPad Storage:

On iPad iOS 14 you will be able to quickly find any app you want under the iPad storage so you go to settings go to general go-to iPad storage and right here at the top you will have a search bar from here you can go ahead and find any app that you want just search for any app and you will right away find them you don't have to scroll through the list of apps to find something you can quickly do that directly from there so just like that go ahead and search for any app that you want also a feature that we have seen on iOS.

Which is the back button you tap and hold and it will show you like different places where you can go from here don't have to tap the back button like a few times to go somewhere you can just go ahead and tap right there and hold and you will basically be able to quickly move through the pages on the settings app on other apps as well it also works on safari so if I tap and hold here you can see it shows me all the pages where I can go from here I don't have to go one by one I can go forwards and backward as well so it is that easy to move between pages on iPad iOS 14.

9. Picture in Picture Mode:

iPad iOS 14 - iPad Tricks You Didn't Know Existed

Of course, we have the new picture in picture mode on 
iOS 14 and iPad iOS 14 as well now if you go to settings and go right here to picture in the picture you can enable start picture and picture automatically that means that once you're playing a video you don't have to have the picture and picture button once you get out of the app it will automatically go on that mode you can also double-tap right there to make it a bigger double tap to make it smaller as easy as that you can change the size of the picture in picture mode, of course, you can also go ahead and swipe with two fingers to make it bigger or smaller you can, of course, hide it just by dragging it like that you can hide it anywhere you want you can also move it like this once it's hidden so you don't have to actually go ahead and unhide it to move it anywhere on the screen.

10. Software Update:

 last but not least if you go to general go-to software update right you will find automatic updates now right here we'll find two new buttons now they are separate now you have two different choices here you can download the iOS and you can also install the iOS if you enable just download iPad iOS updates it will just download them and keep them on your iPad and not install them until you do that manually but you can choose to do both at the same time so you download and install automatically but if you don't want to do that just go ahead disable this and they will download automatically but won't install until you choose to do so.

So that is it for this article guys these are Ipad iOS 14 tricks that every iPad user should know these are very useful tricks that will help you a lot on the daily use of your iPad on iPad iOS 14.

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