Huawei Mate X2 Launch Date, First Look, Leaks and Specs

What's up guys and it's time to talk about Huawei. Huawei has already launched its two foldable phones. Although the mate x is just a refined version of Huawei mate x they are also working on Huawei mate will a flip like foldable which we're going to take a look at sometime in the future so be sure to subscribe for that today we have breaking news of Huawei's next tablet-like foldable design the mate x2 we already know the next mobile phone from Huawei is going to be an inward folding instead of outward folding off Huawei mate x right has revealed the details and design of the upcoming mate x2 which might very well be the perfect foldable phone.

Huawei Mate X2 Launch Date, First Look, Leaks and Specs

Image: Huawei Mate XS

This is it this is how it's going to look the main display will be the same 8 inches made by voe and Samsung display which also make it the first non-Samsung phone to have a Samsung made foldable AMOLED display there is also that small strip on the side kinda like the original mate x housing a 4.5-inch small display more like a galaxy 4 light to just pick up calls and see time and on top of it you'll find the dual front-facing cameras on the back of it there is going to be a quad-camera setup coming at 40-megapixel main 40-megapixel ultra-wide-angle sensor 12 megapixel telephoto with 3x optical zoom and a timer flight sensor so very interesting design indeed the main thing here.

Huawei Mate X2 Launch Date, First Look, Leaks and Specs

Image: Huawei Mate Xs

If you want to use you have to unfold it just like the samsung z-flip foldable but you know the most dramatic feature of the mate x2 is that it supports huawei's and pen stylus this is indeed going to be perfect gravel to the z42 initially z42 also expected to have s-pen support but later samsung scrapped that idea because of the durability concerns but now wow has somehow managed not just support and pen with foldable but also make its place inside the phone much like samsung's galaxy note lineup this is indeed the perfect execution of portable with stylus support and you know what more quiz is that it also supports a flex mode aka 120 degree mode and you can see it as a laptop i just want to see samsung's decks like gravel here work in the laptop mode that would be super crazy to give you both tablet and laptop mode and affordable with the stylus that will fit inside a phone now there are also rumors that we could see under display camera in this small strip of display but again we are not sure maybe we could see side mounted fingerprint like the original mate x now if you don't know.

so the Huawei mate 40 devices is said to be the last flagship Huawei devices to use their in-house current 1000 chipset based on a five-nanometer architecture we believe Huawei has enough current chipsets ready to use kirin 1000 for the mate x2 also making it the first foldable to have five-nanometer processor hopefully there is also going to have a 120 hertz or 90hz refresh rate since it is packing a huge six thousand millibar cell with a crazy 65 watt of fast charging technology and looking at the upgrades I don't think so it's gonna cost less than two thousand dollars but again I'll leave it up to you what you think how much should it cost and also let me know is it going to be a serious competitor to galaxy c42 with Huawei and pin support let me know wanna hear your thoughts.

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