How to Set Goals & Achieve IT in 2021

Would you like to live a more prosperous life would you love your relationships to improve perhaps you have specific goals or desires you long to see manifest in the material world it does not matter where you are or where you have been it makes no difference if you have a string of success behind you or only failures you can set a goal for any area of your life your business career family financial health and lifestyle artistic just to name a few the basic principles for setting goals will work for each of these areas and anything else you want to achieve. In this article, we are going to share steps to get your goals successfully.

How to Set Goals & Achieve IT in 2021

Step 1:

Know what you want to be very clear on exactly what it is that you want wanting more money or a good mate is not enough how much money do you want what are the qualities you are looking for in another vague wish will gain you nothing you must formulate a clear intent.

Step 2:

Once you have identified what you won't turn your desire into a goal write down on the paper a statement of intent on beginning your statement as follows I am so grateful that I now allow myself to have read this statement twice a day and recall the mental image you will create in step three.

How to Set Goals & Achieve IT in 2021

Step 3:

A clear image of yourself already in possession of your desire make it as clear as you can view yourself in the image as the person you wish to be already having your goal imagine how that other you think feels and acts and add these characteristics to the other you in your mental image when you have your image clear and concise imagine that you can step into that other you as best you can start to feel all those feelings that the other you felt as you step inside that mental you feel yourself becoming that new person increase the feelings make the colors in the environment you are now seeing through your mental eyes more colorful and vibrant 

Step 4:

remove your mental barriers the only reason why people fail to achieve their goals is negative mental attitudes you must remove these mental demons before you can achieve success when you verbally and tone your goal through the affirmation statement you created in step two you will find your negative attitudes begin to surface this is excellent as the attitudes are being brought up from the subconscious to the conscious mind where you can eliminate them be diligent and try to become aware of how you are thinking throughout your day when you become aware of a negative attitude when it surfaces do not fight it this is disastrous if you fight to suppress a negative attitude it will remain in the subconscious mind and act like a hidden computer virus in your brain allow the attitude to surface fully you will find that you have feelings associated with these thoughts when you permit the feeling to come up and you experience it fully you will quickly find that it burns itself out by no longer suppressing your emotions but allowing them to express themselves in your body.

How to Set Goals & Achieve IT in 2021

You will find that they dissipate I know this sounds too easy but please try it it really does work once you have allowed your negative feelings to burn themselves out by allowing them to surface and leave your body it is a good time to mentally revisit your goal image and speak your statement of intent if this is not possible then just reaffirm to yourself that you are allowing yourself to have your goal when visualizing and affirming your statement of intent do not stop until you feel positive about your goal never leave your mental work while you still feel negative you may find that the next time you do the exercises you feel similar negative feelings these emotions are not the same feelings that you have already allowed to dissipate you have gathered much negativity during your stay on planet earth and your negative attitudes have many layers just be diligent and patient.

Step 5:

Let it go once you have finished your mental work let it go you are doing your part so allow universal forces and laws to do their work if you allow your mind to dwell on the hows wears and wins you are really affirming to yourself and the universe that you do not already have your goal never worry about how your goal is going to come to you or when or where you will receive it because this will slow down its manifestation thinking in terms of your goal as having already been accomplished is fine but give no thought as to when how or where it will come when you think of something that you already have you do not contemplate how you got it you just think in terms of already having it.

Step 6:

Take some action it does not matter how small it takes some small steps every day that will bring you closer to your goal when you reach out for your goals with the correct mindset the universe will rush to meet you when you pursue your goals and desires.

Using these six simple steps you will find that you achieve a higher level of success than you have ever before and you will find it much less stressful follow the steps and prepare for your next success if you found this article helpful then do share. Thanks for reading this article.

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