How to Improve Brain Power | Boost Your Brain Power, Boost Memory & Focus and Concentration

Did you know that according to the American psychological association the neuro enhancement industry is worth over 1 billion dollars so we dug into some of the scientific research to give you proven techniques on how to improve your brain power

Now there were three criteria that we used while choosing the techniques that we wanted to bring to you.

1. We wanted these techniques to help you increase your memory focus and concentration

2. We wanted the techniques to be reliable

3. We wanted them to be easy to use and also give you quick results.

How to Improve Brain Power | Boost Your Brain Power, Boost Memory & Focus and Concentration

So in this article, we're gonna give you six proven scientific techniques on how to improve your brain power. Three brain-damaging habits and one bonus tip.

We're talking about the six proven techniques to help you improve your brain power your memory your focus and concentration technique.

1. Neuroplasticity:

This is a recent and astonishing discovery which says that the brain is like plastic and it can be molded and changed throughout the course of our life the power of the brain not only comes from its size but also from the number of electrical connections between it and the strength of these connections so the trick here is to rewire your brain here is a list of few things that you should do every day to rewire the electrical connections in your brain [Music] so the key is to never let your brain get into a comfort zone seek novelty and try to do things the hard way technique.

2. Acupressure:

I'm going to show you the three powerful positions in the brain which when pressed in the right manner for the right amount of time can give you immediate positive results so let's give it a try. So when you're sitting at your desk and working online take a break for 30 seconds and press these three points and you're going to see an immediate positive result technique.

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3. Advanced Imagination:

Imagine you're sitting on a trapezium-shaped pavement looking at some driftwood colored facial rock structures on easter island and one of the facial rocks wakes up and says hello and you're like oh my god what is happening around me so our intellect is a basket of data and images that we've collected all through since childhood and the more variety of data and images that we put into this basket the greater and stronger this entire power of the brain tends to become so here are a few things that we should do on a regular basis.

How to Improve Brain Power | Boost Your Brain Power, Boost Memory & Focus and Concentration

4. Photographic Memory: 

Now we all wish that we could look at that one page of the textbook and click like this photograph of the page in our brain and store it all the way till the exams and reproduce it word for word but that doesn't seem to be very easily most of the time but I'm gonna give you two easy techniques to help you get that photographic memory technique.

(i) Weird Visualizations:

This technique says that if you have to remember something how about you convert that into a really weird visual for example let's take a really simple case you have to remember that Uzbekistan is a landlocked country. now just imagine that you're baking a tan-colored cake so baked tan and that cake is inside an oven closed and there's no water around it so when you recollect that image you will remember that the tan colored cake was in a landlocked place so Uzbekistan was a landlocked country now we've done another video on how to remember the elements of the periodic table by taking some really weird visualizations but the trick here is that no matter what or how boring the concept is if you can concoct some really weird and grotesque images the brain is more likely to reproduce and recollect them more strongly and technique.

How to Improve Brain Power | Boost Your Brain Power, Boost Memory & Focus and Concentration

(ii) Sensory Experience:

This is very useful when you want to remember a place or an experience, for example, you go into a garden try to touch something and remember how that leaf touched try to smell hear the sounds maybe you want to taste something there and remember the food experience that you had but the more sensory you make your experience the more likely your brain is going to remember that for a long time.

5. Food for Thought:

Did you know that your brain consumes about 20 percent of your total energy and sometimes when you have this really intense study session you come out feeling exhausted the brain needs two specific nutrients to help It boosts its brain power.

(i) omega-3:

Fatty acids now the brain has a huge number of these neurons which are actually nerve cells but they are the ones that help build these connections and the omega-3 fatty acids make the membrane of these neurons stronger nutrient.

(ii) Flavonoid Antioxidants:

so brightly colored and dark-colored food items are the ones that you need 

6. Meditation:

One of the main reasons why we are not able to focus and concentrate is because our mind keeps jumping from one thing to the next from the present to the past to the future and if you're able to meditate just for a few minutes every day or maybe even just for one minute every day it's like training the mind to focus try this for a few days and you will notice a difference immediately and the flip side of the plastic brain is using it or lose it.

How to Improve Brain Power | Boost Your Brain Power, Boost Memory & Focus and Concentration

(i). Attack on the hippocampus:

Hippocampus is the part of the brain associated with sleep and did you know that even one single night of lack of sleep can have a serious impairment effect on the brain cells so the next time you want to pull an all-nighter or you want to binge-watch your Netflix shows right till the morning think about the effect it's going to have on Mr hippo in your brain damaging habit.

(ii) high sugar consumption:

We all love that pastry at the end of the meal and what about ice cream oh my god how can we do without it and excess sugar are what inhibits its ability to absorb essential nutrients from the rest of the body so make sure you keep your sugar consumption to just a little bit of something sweet every single day brain damaging habit.

(iii) Technological Dependency:

So do you know that the more the memory of my phone is the less my own memory tends to get so how about you try to remember a few friends phone numbers and next time you want to go to somebody's house for a second time keep your google maps away and try to see if you can remember the roadmap on your own and now for the bonus tip is called a brain dump? Now many times we can't function well because we are very stressed so how about you take a sheet of paper and you write down all your nagging stressors or pesky annoyances on that sheet and you keep writing and writing and writing till you almost feel like a sense of relief like everything's just gone out of your system onto that sheet of paper and that is what has happened you've achieved a brain dump.

I hope these tips were really useful to you and you can have a sharper memory focus and concentration and have a higher brain power and also share this article with your friends and family. 

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