How to increase battery Life of Your Smartphone

Smartphone has become an important part of our life. However, the biggest problem of the smartphone is that its battery life is quite limited. Most smartphone batteries last only one to one and a half days. At the same time, it keeps decreasing with time. In such a situation, today we are telling you some important tips to increase the battery life of the smartphone.

How to Increase Battery Life of Your Smartphone

1. Extra connectivity features disabled:

Features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, and GPS of the phone should be turned off when not needed. This saves the phone battery from the wasteful expenditure.

2. Close background apps:

When you use an app and do not close it after it is over, it continues to drain your battery continuously. Therefore it is important that you stop the unwanted apps running in the background.

3. Turn Off Always On Display Feature:

Now the feature of Always-On display is available in many smartphones. This feature shows the time and notifications on the smartphone and the display is continuously on. So if you want to save the phone's battery then turn off the Always-On display.

• For this go to Setting first

• then go to the display settings

• Turn off the Always-On display option

4. Power saving mode:

When you feel that there is not enough battery left in your phone, then turn on its power-saving mode to make the phone run longer. If you do not want to turn on the power saving mode then you can save the battery to a great extent by reducing the brightness of the display.

5. Put the phone on silent:

If your phone stays in ring mode all day, then it also costs a lot of battery. Therefore, to save battery, put the phone in silent or vibration mode. You can also reduce the intensity of the vibration of the phone.

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