Best Android Apps to Keep on Your Phone

We all use our phone so much and we all just end up you know surfing on social media that I thought it's very important to not forget that your phone can also be used for something productive. I would say that this is just you know a fun way to become more knowledgeable and skillful and just you know also pass time that would not end up making you feel guilty at the end of it and as always you can count on me to give your know-how on how to spend your time more constructively so I'm going to do that and let's begin our Best Android Apps to Keep on Your Phone.

Best Android Apps to Keep on Your Phone

1. Elevate App:

Now personally, in my opinion, this is the best productivity app that I've ever come across because not only does it increase your analytical skills it also increases the comprehension of your vocabulary and it's also not even boring I would not say that this takes much of your time so they also give you an analysis report of how well you have performed in every assignment I know it sounds very geeky and nerdy and you might be turned off when I mention all these things to you but when you try it it really just feels like you're playing a game so when you're using an app and you think that you're playing a game but you're also increasing or improving your skills I think that's the best of the best that you can expect from a phone app so I think that's what it offers you a lot of the features of this app are premium but I don't think it's really necessary for you to get the premium subscription I would recommend you to try the elevate app once.

2. Curiosity App:

The next app is the curiosity app now this curiosity app is also another fun app that I use to just get to know about things in a general sense I would say because they have these random facts or random question-based articles so I would say that the name curiosity is very apt for what they exactly do they satisfy your curiosity for example on this app you can type anything and that will give you the related articles to it so I actually came across it when I was listening to a podcast so I came across the podcast by curiosity it's by the same name and they used just three to four minutes to give you a quick rundown on all the facts so I think this is the kind of time filler that you need when you're on your phone rather than surfing social media.

3. Aura App:

 so the next app is aura this app is a mindfulness app this is for meditation in a more strict sense I would say it's to calm yourself I usually use this app before I go to bed and uh granted I've not been very regular when I use this app because it is very hard to meditate every day this app has sort of this mood question that always comes when you open the app how are you feeling today I think that's really great because I think it gives you a more personalized feeling okay had to take an unnecessary break because my phone's battery died but let's talk about the fourth app.

4. Duolingo App:

The Duolingo app I think it's a universally known fact that Duolingo is a productive app I don't really have anything to say about it much but I'm just gonna say that I'm learning four language side by side and I'm not really regular so my main focus these days has been to learn german but again have not been regular like I said but I do try to squeeze in as much time as possible yeah sometimes it's nice to escape to learn a new language if you're normal and you're wondering what was the point of this article. I should tell you my main motive was to just give you a little push into using your time more efficiently to summarize really quickly the first app was the elevate app that is to increase your comprehension skills and your analytical skills in a very nerdy fun way.

5. Curiosity App:

 the next app was the curiosity app that is for a general knowledge sort of thing or anything that you're curious about you can get to know more about that thing the third app is the aura app the app which is usually for mindfulness or I would say meditation and the fourth app is the Duolingo app so this app you can use to learn a new language if you're looking for a time filler I think these are the best alternatives.

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