20 Search Engines That Are Better Than Google

With a market share of more than 80% globally. Google is the most popular search engine for internet users as with most things in life. Just because it's the most popular does not mean it's the best for you in every situation. Coming up we'll show you 20 search engines in various categories you can use as an alternative to google. Some of which have better tools and layouts that make it easier to find or what you're looking for. Let's get started. Let's start with two of google's largest competitors. 

20 Search Engines That Are Better Than Google

1. Bing:

First, of which is bing from Microsoft worldwide it's in second place with a market share of nearly seven percent when doing a search you'll notice that the layout is very similar to what you'd find on google. what I like about bing is that their image search is far superior to that of Google and its other rivals with a more user-friendly layout in addition they have a rewards program called bing rewards. That lets you accumulate points while searching that can be redeemed on their site for gift cards and other goodies yahoo at one time before google came along was the most dominant search engine now it hovers around three percent globally as the third largest search engine oh how the mighty have fallen you'll notice when doing a search that the results look a lot like those on bing.

2. Yahoo:

Yahoo search is now completely powered by Microsoft bing so if you use bing you may find that there is no need to use yahoo search. So let's move on if you've grown tired of having your personal data tracked and logged by Google and the other two already mentioned. 

3. Duckduckgo:

We'll now take a look at several privacy-focused browsers the most well known is duckduckgo they don't track your searches or online activities and the results are aggregated for more than 100 different sources including bing Yandex and many others you can easily change the theme by going to settings in the upper right and selecting themes I use the dark theme and there are five others for you to choose from.

A cool feature on duckduckgo is called bangs which quickly takes you to the search results on other sites this works on more than ten thousand sites. Here's an example in the search box type in exclamation point then start typing the name of the website. The filter bubble will show you how to complete the bang this one I'm looking for Newegg and on that site, I want to search for headphones. I will type in headphones here and hit enter now doing your search will take you directly to that site with the search results. 

4. Start Page:

Here are some other search engines focused on privacy that you might want to consider start page is perfect for those of you that prefer google search results without having your search history tracked and their no logs policy does not store your IP address meaning they don't know who you are. You can also change the search engine theme and settings in the upper right your choices are default black dark air and night.

5. Onesearch:

Earlier this year Verizon launched a privacy-focused search engine called Onesearch with results powered by bing they claimed to have six key privacy-focused features including no cookies no user tracking no search history pure unfiltered results keyboard encryption and share links with confidence which means when you share links with others that link will expire within the hour as many of you know we're not huge fans of yahoo which I mentioned earlier Verizon media is the parent company of both yahoo and onesearch while yahoo has had massive data breaches in the past. Onesearch has yet to have any major issues that we're aware of hopefully with one search the extra layers of privacy include better methods of preventing data breaches.

6. Swiss cows:

Swiss cows based in Switzerland with some of the strongest privacy laws never collects stores or tracks your data also it's family-friendly with a built-in filter for pornographic and violent content that can't be overwritten when you make a search there's this handy grid to the right with suggestion tags which can be extremely useful to refine the results of your search.

20 Search Engines That Are Better Than Google

7. Yippie:

Yippie is another solid choice but for those concerned about privacy they don't track your searches or show customized ads and for a change, they're powered by IBM Watson not google or bing after you do a search you'll find filters along the left they're listed in a variety of categories which they call clusters help narrow down your search.

8. Quant:

The second to last of the privacy-focused search engines is quant which sounds like it could be a bad word from where I come from they're based in France and claim to never collect your personal data and quite honestly is recommended by a viewer a few years back and have not used it since and here's why the results can be kind of strange for example when doing a search for Metallica it lists their musical genre as hip-hop rap so if you live in an alternate universe quant just may be the search engine for you.

9. Peekier:

Before moving on to the next category last but not least of these search engines focused on privacy is peakier they claim to be the most privacy-oriented search engine with search results powered by bing if you want to tweak the settings. Just click the hamburger icon in the upper right of what we like about the site instead of listing the results from top to bottom you get preview cards it's a nice change from the typical layout of other search engines click inside the card to increase or decrease the image.

10. Ecosia:

The first of two charity search engines is Ecosia they've been around since 2009 they used. Their profits to plant trees around the world so far they've planted more than 100 million trees the search results page has a nice clean layout the search engine used is a modified version of bing.

11. GiveWater:

The other charity search engine worth checking out is givewater the profits generated from ads are given to charitable partners who distribute clean water and sanitation as with many others already mentioned the search results on givewater are powered by bing.

12. Kiddle:

The internet can be a dangerous place especially for young children kiddle is a customized version of google powered by google safe search with sites and pages written specifically for kids these search results are kid-friendly with bigger thumbnails and images with larger font so if you have small children I'd highly recommend that you check out the kiddle.

13. Just Watch:

We've got eight more search engines to go the remainder will be a niche or format-specific just watch helps you to find the streaming platform of the tv show or movie you want to watch in the search bar here at the top type the name of the tv show or movie and select it if you scroll down the page it will let you know where you can stream or buy with this particular show all three seasons are available on Netflix and prime video with one season available on sling just watch is currently available in more than 40 countries.

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14. Thangs:

If you are a 3d printing enthusiast thanks is a search engine that lets you easily find 3d designs contributed by its online community after you do a search clicking on a model will take you to a page to view in better detail and download it for your next project.

15. CC Search:

If you're looking for copyright-free content cc search from the folks at creative commons is a site you should visit it searches across more than 300 million images to help find what you're looking for you can filter the results along the left to narrow down your selection

16. NASA image and video library:

If you're a science and space fanatic the NASA image and video library let you search more than 140 000 NASA images audio and video files archived throughout its history while not being copyright-free news outlets schools and textbook authors may use NASA content without needing explicit permission.

20 Search Engines That Are Better Than Google
17. Giphy:

When you need a gift for your social media post giphy is the go-to source to search for more than 10 million gifts stickers and other content in their library so the next time you need a taco gift you know where to go

18. Search Code:

For aspiring computer programmers, search code is a site you should bookmark it can be an invaluable search tool to get you through your toughest projects analyzing open-source code after doing a search you can filter by source language and repository along the left. 

19. Internet Archive:

The internet archive lets you search an insane number of free videos books software and other stuff with millions to choose from in their library yes it's completely legal after your initial search you'll probably need to narrow down the selection using the filters to find what is relevant to you beginning with media type.

20. WolframAlpha:

Wolframalpha is perhaps one of the most useful websites ever created their computational search engine curates data from reputable sources sorry folks Twitter and Facebook are not deemed reputable by this site. While it's great for math click into the other categories to learn how to do more advanced searches or just do a simple search like this one to gather a massive amount of factual information.

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