Logitech MX Master 3 Review - The Best YouTubers and Video Editing Mouse!

A couple of weeks ago when I was editing more than an hour and a half on video. I realized I need to change a few things. One of them is that I do a lot of horizontal scrolling on a timeline and moving of the bar at the bottom of the screen. Which annoys me tremendously when I was looking for a solution I rediscovered that some eyes have a horizontal scroll wheel. After some research, I decided to get a Logitech MX Master 3 Review mouse.

Logitech MX Master 3 Review

Comparison with previous models:

Now we should compare it to the previous two generations from my MX master series. Some of you may already own one or both previous models. So let's have a look at what changed. when we look at the specs. We can see that it's 1.1 millimeters lower the width is 1.4 millimeters smaller at the depth has grown by two point six millimeters. It is also 4 grams lighter so when it comes to size only minor changes were made. Let's have a look at the buttons, on the top the motif button is longer and flatter it has an improved electromagnetic scroll wheel which has no plastic on it like previous versions and which is more precise. Logitech claims that it's 87% more precise than MX master 2s if you have Logitech options installed and smooth scrolling enabled. I'm unable to measure it all. I can say is that it's the best scroll view on a mouse I have ever used and we will look at it in more detail. 

Logitech MX Master 3 Review

Further, the battery triple status LEDs very used to one and moved behind the thumb scroll view. It turns red when the battery reaches 10% charge or below and it will be passing green when charging. the Logitech options of 12 will also show you battery status notifications. Including low charge warnings. forward or back buttons don't have a triangular shape and moved from behind the horizontal thumbwheel. Under it, there is a huge plus because it was one of the main reasons why I avoided both all the models. It is one of the features that I use daily and the ergonomics was simply unacceptable. Now when they are placed under it they are easily usable it's still not completely ideal. I will have some recommendations for further improvement later. The horizontal scroll wheel is larger which makes it easier to scroll with and it has no plastic on it. The key feature which made me search for this Mouse the gesture button has now an arch which makes it easier to use because you know exactly where to press it with the least amount of resistance.

Logitech MX Master 3 Review

The mouse is available in three colors mid-gray, mid black, and graphite which is the version I am reviewing. Subjectively all colors look fine to me and I wouldn't mind having any of them I chose graphite because it matches the color of my keyboard. 

Ergonomics and Experience:

Now let's have a look at the ergonomics and my initial experience with the mouse. I'll be comparing it to other mice. I have so that we can clearly see and hear the difference. First time using this mouse the surface seemed a little rough and sorta dry compared to my previous mouse. this sold itself after 2 days of use when your hands naturally sweat and the surface gets greasy and smoother I know how this sounds but it's how it is. if the surface on my original Mouse feels smoother and nicer to the touch more silky looks like more premium material so that's something Logitech can definitely improve on. When it comes to handling at first I was interim holding it properly because of its shape which takes some getting used to. Especially if you were using a high-end month before which has special spaces for the ring finger and little finger and your palm rests on it. I found out that if you won't use this mouse with precision both your middle finger and index finger shouldn't overlap the mouse buttons. Only if you have shorter fingers or smaller hands you can rest your palms on it and it won't affect the precision of use. So ladies have an advantage here the best way of holding this mouse is using a thumb little finger and ring finger for holding the mouse and the movement and middle finger and index finger for clicking without resting your palm on the mouse and instead of resting it on the table or resting it on a mat which has gel palm rest for the most comfort. The primary mode buttons left and right require very little pressure to click and they work fine.

Mode shift button

The mode shift button allows you to switch between fast scrolling mode to a step-by-step mode so you are able to make smaller steps and scroll by lines or set of lines depending on how you set it in your OS. 

The scroll wheel felt a little sharper compared to the rubberized one but after using smooth scrolling which requires less amount of force to turn the wheel compared to the regular Mouse and allows you to spin fast to cover large areas of content. when doing heavy scrolling I got used to it in a couple of hours. I had a hard time going back to the normal scroll wheel and after using it for two days I came to the conclusion that this is the way to go. So unless I have to I'm not going back to the regular scroll wheel.

Forward and back buttons:

Logitech MX Master 3 Review

Forward and back buttons are okay but flatter and bigger ones on my onyx are much better if they were bigger and flat it would be easier and more comfortable to press them with more precision and when using the thumb scroll wheel you would slide over them with more ease instead of touching them. It's not going to result in pressing them that require more force but still this could be improved in the next generation. The advantage of Logitech's buttons is that they are much quieter and the ones on my onyx are clicky and loud so this could be improved on my own export the horizontal scroll wheel is a special feature of this mouse it needs adjusting of sensitivity for most applications to make sure you are using its full potential I like this feature a lot and it's the reason why I decided to switch to this mouse and I'm happy with the decision I would even increase its sensitivity in software for scrolling over longer distances and I'd add smooth scrolling capability which is present in the main scroll wheel because it would help when you are going through long spreadsheets or editing long videos but anyway as it is it's a great help the positioning of the gesture button seems to be a little bit unfortunate but if you get used to pressing it exactly at a place where the notch is you will start using it you will just have to press it with your thumb at a slightly different angle yet I still think it would be better if it were a bit easier to press or if it moved in front of forward and back buttons so you won't have to move your thumb out of the original axis but overall its usable.

The bottom part of the mouse:

When we look at the bottom we can see that there is an on and off switch, an optical sensor, and a special switch which allows you to pair it with up to three devices via Bluetooth. you can also use the included USB dongle but you really don't need it. the number of the channel is blinking slowly which means now it's really steady which means that it's already paired but if you see that it's blinking quickly that means that it's free for pairing. 

Battery life and charging:

Now let's talk about the battery. It uses lithium-ion battery which is hidden inside and is not user-replaceable which is big and I consider it being wasteful. It should last for 70 days on one full charge which takes about an hour or three hours on a 1-minute chart. It took me three weeks to discharge it after unpacking it out of the box so the capacity is solid. The mouse will start blinking red when the battery is depleted after connecting it to the power by cable with a USB-C connector. It will start blinking green the cable is 130 centimeters long so if you are used to charging it from your desktop which is placed under the table you won't be able to charge it and use the mouse at the same time you may either by a longer USB-C cable or connected to a remote power bank which is what I did or connect it to a monitor if it has connectors. 

Logitech MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse

Now to the solution what should be done in the next generation of this mouse the mice has for years had the possibility to exchange batteries like this one uses dual triple-a batteries which are rechargeable and can last long so the mouse can survive for years even after the original battery has died this mouse uses 4000 dpi darkfield sensor which is I think enough compared to this mouse which has 16,000 dpi I usually had it set to 2,400 for slow motion and 1,300 dpi for 4k screen so I really never used 4000 that's why I think 4000 for this mouse is enough I tried using it on wood glass plastic metal and fabric and it worked on all of these surfaces without any problem so that's a huge plus for this mouse when it comes to reaching of the Bluetooth sensor. I was able to move the mouse from across the room without any lag so if you want to use it from a distance on a large TV screen that's definitely possible

Recommended use of the mouse vs gaming:

When it comes to recommended use this is primarily a Productivity Mouse you can, of course, use it for playing RPGs adventure games or turn-based strategies basically in a slower-paced game that won't be any problem but if you really want to enjoy first-person shooters or any fast-paced games I'd recommend using a lighter smaller and more responsive wired mouse

Logitech Options Software - Installation:

Let's have a look at the Logitech software if you want to be able to use all the features of the mouse you need to install Logitech options software. The mouse will work even without it but you won't be able to customize its sensitivity and use its advanced features like user-defined application profiles or Logitech flow so without it the overall experience would be unsatisfying to install it you need to download a file which has 195 megabytes which is quite a lot for a mouse driver because of its extra features it's somewhat acceptable but I would still prefer to have an option of installing something smaller at the beginning of the installation the software will ask you if you want to share analytics data so I was naturally curious what kind of data does a mouse manufacture one for me what really crossed my mind was a thought whenever a blow dryer or an iron asked me to send my user data to its manufacturer anyway it seemed a little suspicious so I clicked at a small text under it which says learn more about Logitech's privacy policy after doing so it opens a web page and I naturally clicked at what information we collect and after looking at the list.

Logitech MX Master 3 Review

My eyeballs turned around like Mickey Mouse they want to know what music I listen to what EPS is what TV I have and let goes on and on they're also willing to share and disclose the information with their partners which are not listed and they occasionally update this statement and if there are any changes they will post it on their website so you may check it that's really wonderful of course I'll leave the decision on what to click on to you for me personally there is an O plus a firewall on top as they say better safe than sorry 

Logitech Options Software - Settings and Sensitivity Adjustment:

After the installation, you have an option of changing the functionality of the buttons which I didn't find necessary however it's possible you can also check the pointer speed enable smooth scrolling change wheel direction and set the sensitivity for the thumbwheel you can also enable smart shift and its sensitivity the ability to create user profiles for individual applications is really handy because they require a different level of sensitivity I started using it immediately on the other hand what bothers me quite a bit is that I'm unable to set the pointer speed or sensitivity level exactly by using the numbers as visual indicator representing the dpi level as I was able to do with my previous Mouse. there is a software issue which could be fixed in a couple of hours so there is homework for Logitech I guess if we gave them time till next week I think it could be called being generous and reasonable this is a feature $100 Mouse should have automatically without mentioning it

Logitech Options Software - Flow:

The logitech flow allows you to use your mouse on more computer simultaneously which is a nice option you can set which side of the screen will be the gate to another computer this allows you to use a single Mouse to operate both your laptop and desktop without the necessity of manual switching between their individual Bluetooth channels they have to be both connected to the same network of course you just move your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen on one compute and it will appear on the edge of the other computer screen depending on how you set it this is really a nice feature and Logitech deserves a pat on the back for this one it also enables you to copy files from one computer to another just by copy pasting it the speed will be limited by your network so if you are copying a file from a desktop which is connected by a LAN to your Wi-Fi router the speed from the router to your laptop will be the bottleneck for some people who don't know how to use shared folders this can definitely be a plus it is likely that your administrator network if you are not using your own laptop won't allow to use these network features because it's a security risk if I were an administrator I definitely wouldn't allow it this depends hugely on how sensitive data you work with when you load into your OS in my case Windows 10 Pro it usually takes a few seconds before Logitech options loads and in that short period of time the mouse functions are set on default sensitivity settings which is slow so the movement is slower it's not a major issue just something you have to get used to

Conclusion of the Review:

Overall using this mouse hold my problem with horizontal scrolling and I like the hyper scrolling feature of the primary scroll wheel as well so would I recommend it if you plan on using it for work I would definitely recommend it despite all the criticism I mentioned in this review when I'm reviewing something I tend to be more on the stricter side and do not leave things under the surface the way I see it my job is to provide you with solid information based on which you can make up your own mind and decide for yourself whether you like things or not so thank you for watching and see you in another article.

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