Best Chinese Apps Alternatives You Should Use!

I am pretty sure you have heard about the Indian government banning 59 Chinese apps from the Play Store. These include some really popular apps. These apps have been banned as per the press release for engaging in activities which is prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrative India defense of India security of the state and public order. Now that sounds serious, according to the tik-tok statement this is an interim order and the banned apps will be given a chance to respond to the government's concerns before a committee. 

But there are a lot of questions right now I mean the tik-tok is not available if you search on the Play Store. If you search on Chrome and go through the link it's still on the Play Store. So it's clearly not a permanent ban but yeah it's confusing to see a number of these apps come pre-installed on a lot of phones. How about that a number of people are actually using these apps on their phones so will they stop working will they continue to work for Best Chinese Apps Alternatives

Best Chinese Apps Alternatives You Should Use!

There's a lot of questions and we should get the details from the government soon but if you want to move ahead stop using these apps altogether. It's time to talk about some great alternatives. Talking about the alternative to actually some really useful and popular apps and not apps like CF Fujita Mobile which are actually something you should never use. If you have them just get rid of them already. Let's talk about alternatives to popular Chinese apps

The cam scanner is something a lot of people use and it has had its issues in the past I mean last year Kaspersky found a Bug module in the app and it had gone away but it came back and now it's banned again. There are some alternatives you can use so there's Google Drive which has a simple scan feature that not many people know about and there's Adobe scan and Microsoft Office lens both of which are feature-packed like cam scanner. Adobe scan is something I prefer because I like the fact that it can detect the document is scanning be the ID card or resaved or a whiteboard or your usual documents. It also has different editing tools OCR support and scanned images don't have any watermark on them. 

It's great so in the whole list of these banned apps, there are a lot of Chinese browsers the CM browser, APIs browser, and of course, the infamous UC browser which in the past has been in the news for taking unnecessary permissions showing spammy ads. You shouldn't be using these browsers anyway but if the browser you should be using is Firefox. I know there's chrome too of the sleeve but I am recommending Firefox for its privacy-focused approach. First of all, Firefox brings a clean and blood-free experience, unlike the UC browser. It's focused on privacy and security, it blocks a lot of trackers automatically so that's great. Also, it has all the great features like visual tab, truly secure private browsing. Firefox is a great alternative to basically any browser out there.

Zenda is another really popular apps on this whole baned list but of late they have become kind of spammy and bloat. Especially share it now I personally used to use Zender a lot to transfer files from a phone to my PC but offline I've been using something really cool and really easy called Sinatra. Now snap drop isn't an app it's a web-based service so it works on basically any platform. so say I wanted to send files to my Mac from my phone so I can just open up snapdrop on both the devices on any of the browsers and as you can see the other device shows up I just tap on the device and send any file I want how easy is that and I like the fact that snap drop is open-source and just clean all wrong.

I use snapdrop for the phone to PC file transfer but you can also use files by Google if you want to send files between Android devices. ES File Explorer is another infamous app that has had its issues in the past. The app has been reported to share app recommendations at spyware Android devices and beat shady engendered. A lot of Android skins almost all the Android skins come with the old fine manager apps but if you want a third-party fire manager app there are a lot of great options. If you want a simple free file manager this obviously files by Google and if you want to create a paid option there's solve Explorer. I personally prefer FX file explorer because it's privacy-focused there are no ads it's the free version. The handiest features like multiple windows support for most archive formats and I like the parent's Android TV app works well too. So yeah just try out FX File Explorer.

So tik-tok has been banned and no it's not the only video sharing platform from China that has been banned, there are also like and ye. There are some good alternatives to tik-tok that you can use. As there's the trailer from a California-based company and this is already a pretty popular app. I tried out the app and it does not take any unnecessary permissions and I came across a number of celebrities posting videos on the platform. So that's good plus it brings tectonic features. You can create music videos and there are different tracks to choose from like tik-tok and you also get the feature where you can collaborate with other users. 

Best Chinese Apps Alternatives You Should Use!

Apart from tinder I also tried out India based apps like Chingaari and Raposo. Chingaari it just doesn't load up for me and Raposo is in as feature-rich as tik-tok but even give these a try. Viva video is a video editing app that has gone really popular in India. This is an app that was banned back in 2017 as well for spying on Indian users so it's obviously kind of shady but there are some great video editing apps you can use on Android. In short, if you want the same port at UI or the tools similar to what you get in vivo video or you can use kine master which is more feature pack. It has got features like a multi-device timeline, all the video editing tools different textiles effects, transitions, etc. I think you should be fine with kine master now if you want a free video editor that does not add watermarks at all you can check out a list from bellow.

~Microsoft Lens 
~Adobe Scan 
~Solid File Explorer 
~Files by Google 
~FX File Manager 
~Screen Recorder No Ads

Hello the social media app that got really popular India because of its original language support has been banned too and you can use share chat instead which also brings the same. Share chat is an app-based out of India and it offers content in 15 regional languages which is great. There's no English support and when I tried out the app I basically saw people posting memes quotes WhatsApp for words and things like that so yeah I'm not a big fan of the app. Why would people want to use this but people use Hello.  

Do you recorder is a screen recorder app that also got pretty popular but it's been banned now. You don't really have to worry because there are a lot of great screen recording apps on the Play Store. My recommendation is the screen recorder with no ads. First of all, this is ad-free like the name says and it brings all the features the support for different resolutions, different frame rates, and an Android 10 devices. This for parental audio recording which is awesome if you want to record gaming sessions. This is a simple great alternative that just works when compared to Do you recorder.

What hide is a photos and videos hider app that was flagged recently for its privacy issues and now it's been banned. There are a lot of alternatives to hide photos and videos. One app I like is keeping safe. It uses cypheraes-256 encryption which is the same protocol used in many banking apps. and it's an app that lets you protect or hide apply with documents videos and photos. it also has great features like phase down auto-lock, encrypted backups, trash recovery, and breaking alerts. 

There are a lot of other apps with these privacy issues and if you want alternatives for every single one of them we have an extensive. What do you think of this whole baned apps tell us in the comment section below? Make sure to share it with your friends. 

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