10 Must Have iPhone Apps

Hey what's going on everyone, I will show you guys some really cool and useful apps that 10 Must Have iPhone Apps on your device in 2020. So I hope you guys enjoyed the apps and let's get started.

1. Photoshop Camera:

Now with Photoshop camera. You can take pictures with the filters already applied to the camera, so you will have a bunch of different filters. You can add more they're from the gallery. So if you apply a filter right here, you can see it in real-time. You can switch here between like different scenes on that filter and then you can go ahead and take the picture. It will have, of course, all the different tools to adapt right there. 

Image credit: Photoshop Camera
You will have the aspect ratio. You will have the settings the flashes. Well, you can switch between cameras there, you can zoom in and out and not just take pictures with these filters already applied. You can also go ahead tap here and that will take to camera roll where you can go ahead and select any picture that you have and then tap on lenses right here and then go ahead and apply those lenses. Basically, those filters, those effects to any pictures that you already have saved on the camera roll of your device.

2. Birdie:

This is an app for your Twitter account and it is really really cool. It has some really amazing features now on the home screen. Here you will see the top tweets. You will have another section where you can see the new tweets and it will have the same tweets right here. Of course, your profile will have the settings. You go to settings you can change the background. 

Birdie for Twitter
Image credit: Birdie for Twitter
Color can go to a dark mode. You can also change the icon of the app as well as change the size thereof the font on the app. Now, if you go to news, you will have basically a combination of Twitter and news both on one app. You will have some news for you, then you will have different sources which can also add by tapping right there. Add any new source that you want. Of course, a search bar at the top and you will have here your favorite and then right here. If you go to the conversations you will find your mansions and also the messages that someone has sent you and you have sent to someone. 

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3. Super Photo Cleaner:

The photo cleaner is a must-have app for every iPhone user, especially if you're running low on iPhone storage. So it will basically analyze the photo library of your iPhone. It finds pictures that look similar to one another, and here you can see it automatically will select the better ones. You can go ahead and delete the other ones from here. So you can see it gives you the option to go ahead and delete them and that's really really cool. Now, if you go back, you will have other options as well.

Super Photo Cleaner
Image credit: Super Photo Cleaner
They have the screenshots. If you go right there, you can just go ahead and clean your screenshots, so you go here. It will show you a list of your screenshots, only not nothing else, just the screenshots and then you can see here also the recordings and also large videos. So if you have like a video that it's taking a ton of space, it will be seen right there and you will have the ability to delete it from there. 

4. Scanner Radio FM & AM:

This one is really cool. It allows you to listen to the radio in any place you want. All you have to do is just launch the app and, of course, you can change here between different, like States and different countries from where you can choose any state like any city you want, and it will find the local radios for that state of that or That country, as you tap here, you can change between different radio stations course you can favorite and one of them, and then they will be shown right here now going back you can notice here.

Scanner Radio FM & AM
Image credit: Scanner Radio FM & AM
It also shows the weather for that location and also the battery percentage of your iPhone, which is really really cool. Now you can change here the FM's, basically by swiping here. If you just want to go ahead and select any one you want, or you can have it done automatically now, what's really cool about the app is that it also has a widget that will show you your favorites, like radio stations so anytime. You want to quickly launch any of the radio stations you just tap right there and you will automatically be sent to the app into the radio station that you have favorite.

5. WEATHERCAST 24 Local Forecast:

Image credit: WEATHERCAST 24 local forecast
This is one of the most beautiful weather apps you can get on the App Store. The design is absolutely amazing, very simple and, of course, really really beautiful. Now, at the top right there, you will see, of course, the clock, the current temperature, and then you will have the hourly forecast for the city that you choose lower. You will see the forecast for the next two weeks now here can see. I can switch between different cities simply by scrolling there. If you tap on the middle, they can go ahead and add as many cities as you want, and then you will have them right here on this, like scroll bar from where it can scroll between different cities and, of course, see the hourly forecast and the next Few days forecast for that city from here, if you want to change the units you go to settings right there you go to weather, you will have the temperature and the distance units, which can be changed directly. 

6. Plume Labs: Air Quality App:

Plume Labs: Air Quality App
Image credit: Plume Labs: Air Quality App
The applet will show you the air quality index for any city that you choose, so you can basically enable the GPS right there to show you the air quality for your current location, and you can tap the plus button to add, like any city that you want and Then, of course, you will see the list of the cities right here and of course, you will see the air quality on that city, so you will have here the forecast for the next few days. You will have the day and they have the monthly. So you can review right here, the weather they basically the air quality in that city for the past few days. This is where the coal. Also, if you go to the map, you will see like in real-time here. If you zoom in on cities, you can see basically the air quality in that city, which is really really cold. You can see the different colors which of course, indicate different air qualities. This is really amazing and, of course, very useful to know now, if you go to the widgets panel, you will also get like here widget, which will show you the air quality for the city that you choose on the app. That would be like the first city that you have on the list. You will also see it on the go. I have Paris at the top of the list. You will see it on the widget and, of course, you can change that. By going to edit, you can rearrange and select, basically which city you want to see on the widget of the app.

7. Sumizeit:

This app will show you summaries of different books. Basically, some are 8 is an app that will show you summaries of books using this app. You can learn about a book in 10 minutes, so you will have the most important things that are talked about on a book on a summary that they have done and basically in like 10 minutes, you can learn everything about that book. So here we have some suggestions and if I tap on one of these, it will basically show we summary of that book. 

Image credit: sumizeit
So I can tap read right here and I can go ahead and read about that book. So all this is the summary of that book and in like ten I should basically know everything that that book talks about. Of course, it will have the option there to share and everything now I can go explore right here. So if you want to explore like different categories, you have different trends right here to basically explore any like summaries of different videos, and you can also search here based on title or based on different authors. You can search for any books and, of course, find summaries of those books and read them and, of course, learn more about them. So if you're someone that likes to read but doesn't have enough time, then this is the app for you. 

8. Bulk Image Editor:

The editor is the next app for the video. It is really powerful and helps you a lot with like compressing, making your images smaller, and all that. So you go ahead and load any image they have on the camera roll and once you have done that right here, we'll have all the different tools. Of course, you can go ahead and crop your image, so it will have like the free option to just go ahead and crop anything you want or it has like different aspect ratios right here that you can choose to go ahead and crop your image just like That you will have the resize option, so you can resize based on pixels, millimeters, centimeters or even inches, and you will see here you have the current mode, so you have the scale to fit or you can basically fit different aspects. 

Bulk Image Editor
Image credit: Bulk Image Editor
And then you will have the background. Color, so if you, your picture is in another aspect any wanted to fit another one, it will add that as a background color. So if tap right here, they have the compressed. This is very, very useful, so you have like an enlarged image that you want to upload somewhere or sent to someone you want to make it smaller than can go ahead and just enter the value right here. So you can see it's 6 megabytes right there, so they just go ahead and put one right here. So now it will be compressed, and now it will be one megabyte so just like that you can go ahead and compress resize at different filters or even at different watermarks to any of your images. So here on watermarks, you can choose where you want to place. The watermark and then you can also go ahead and load any image that you have the camera and add that as a watermark on your picture.

9. Convert Images:

Image credit: Convert Images
Image converter is an app that allows you to convert your images to like different formats. So all you have to do is tap the plus button and load any picture from the camera roll. Now, once you have done that right here, we'll show you the format as well as the size of that picture. Of course, you can also load pictures from the files app or from like different URLs now here we'll have a list of all the different formats to which you can go ahead and convert that picture. So here, if I choose PNG right there, you can see it tap uncle conversion right there, so it will prepare. Then it will convert and download the picture. So you will have the picture convert it and then you can go ahead and save it from here. So all I have to do is just wait a few seconds for this process to finish here, so it should be done in about a couple of seconds now, and then we're going now. It has been done, and all I have to do here is tap on the share button and, of course, go ahead and tap on save image. And now we have the saved image which is converted from the original file and last but not least, is wallpaper.

10. Wallpaper:

Image credit: Wallpapers
Now on this app, you will find some really beautiful wallpapers, so we'll have different categories here. You can see how cool this looks. You can tap right there if you want to go ahead and disable any of the categories from the home screen. Now, if you go ahead and tap here on any of the categories, you will see different wallpapers, to which you can just like swipe like this, and it will show as a preview of the wallpaper. Then what you have to do here, you just go ahead and tap on one of them and it will show you the full-sized wallpaper, and of course, you can have a better idea of how it will look on the home screen of your iPhone. If you like that, all you have to do is tap the share button or from here all you have to do is just go ahead and tap the world download button that you will see here so tap right there and you're good to go. You have saved that on the camera roll of your device. These are some really cool apps. You must have on your device. 

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