Why Reading Is Important - 10 Shocking Benefits of Reading

In a world where entertainment is true in our hands, you'll ask yourself what's the purpose of reading? In today’s fast-paced world, reading is becoming a dying habit because there are faster alternatives to consume on social media. I read about a book a month so I’m gonna give you my top 10 Shocking Benefits of Reading. Why reading is important and why you should read

1. Reading is food for the brain. In my opinion, this is often the most important reason why reading is vital. Just like how our body needs food to sustain itself and performance optimally, our brain must continue learning new things to function at peak performance. The best part is that you simply can read fiction and non-fiction to urge this benefit. Studies have shown that reading has the facility to vary your brain structure which causes you to more empathetic and improves cognitive processes. By reading more, you become smarter since you're consuming tons of data and you retain your brain in top shape. There’s this quote from Game of Thrones that sums this point up nicely. "My brother has his sword, King Robert has his Warhammer, and that I have my mind… and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone if it's to keep its edge." Tyrion Lannister 

2. You become better at conversations. Books help expand your vocabulary which you'll then use to precise yourself better. Your speech will then be more refined and intelligent. Also, since reading widens your knowledge, you're empowered to participate in a stimulating conversation. With the knowledge you gained from reading, you'll add a singular perspective or sustain your argument. In this case, reading non-fiction is often better because you'll study topics that show up more often during a regular conversation like technology. But there are also instances where reading fiction can be better like when there’s a new popular movie out based on a book and you read the original source material.

3. You'll get mentored by a successful person for a really cheap price. Think about what proportion a successful person’s knowledge is worth. People are willing to pay millions to have lunch with Warren Buffett. If you are a normal person like me, you don’t have that kinda money. But with books, you can get mentored by a successful person for less than $50. A book is literally the precise words, ideas, mindsets, advice, and even the experience of the author put into a set of papers. It’s almost as if the person is right there next to you speaking to you. 75% of self-made millionaires reported that they read a minimum of 2 books a month. The knowledge you'll get from reading is irreplaceable. 

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4. Reading improves your focus and concentration. In our fast-paced world today, our attention spans are really short. Reading a book can help fix this because when you read, your attention is only focused on the story and you can be fully immersed. You might even achieve a flow state where you are 100% focused and forget about the world around you. Try reading for 10-20 minutes before work on your morning commute and you would possibly end up more focused and productive at the office.

5. Reading opens your mind. As a reader, you'll interact with different stories from different people with different ideas and beliefs. This helps open your mind and be more accepting of others as well as improve your ability to judge other people’s character. 

6. Reading helps relax you. When you are reading something good, your mind is more relaxed, and therefore the subject you're reading about might even bring inner peace. If you are reading fiction, while you may not be fed the images and sound like when you are watching a movie, you can experience the images and sound with your imagination. The feeling you get from finishing a book can be better than the feeling of finishing a Netflix episode. 

7. Reading helps improve your memory. Whether you're following your favorite character through their journey or remembering recommendations on the way to make extra moneyyou'll be using the memory area of your brain and keep it active. When you actually need to recollect something important, it'll be easier. Every new memory you make creates synapses or brain pathways and strengthens existing ones so memorizing will get easier. 

8. Reading helps you make decisions better. When you are armed with all kinds of knowledge, making a choice is often easier because you see all the possible options. You can make educated guesses on how each choice will play out and pick the one you wish best. 

9. Reading can help you sleep better. It can be hard to sleep when there’s a lot of things going on in your mind. Reading for a short period of time can help push away what is bothering you internally. Also, we often use electronics late at night which don’t exactly help us sleep better because bright lights signal our brain its time to wake up. Reading a book instead can help but make sure you put it down once it's time to sleep. 

10. You become who you are meant to be. This is a touch cheesy but by reading, you'll change your personality or beliefs. 

Books open up completely new worlds for us to grow and develop as an individual. Do you read often? Leave a comment below and check out How to Stay Calm Under Pressure? if you are interested.


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