Top 5 Best Free Video Editors Online 2021

These are 5 video editors that you simply can use online in your favorite browser. In the past, we’ve shown you the 11 Amazing Websites You Didn't Know Existed in 202that you simply can visit on your computer. Many of you hate downloading software or use Chromebooks. In this article, I will be able to show you the Top 5 Best FREE VIDEO EDITORS Online 2021 that we’ve used going over the pros and cons. In testing, we found that web-based video editors do lack many of the features found in video editing software but just might have the tools you need if you’re doing simple edits.

Top 5 Best Free Video Editors Online 2020
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1. Kapwing:

We will start out with our favorite which is Kapwing while it's lesser-known than the others coming up. It does offer more free features with no time limits and watermarks. Some of the features include the ability to trim, crop, insert text, subtitles, images, audio, and a meme generator. You can also export your video in full 1080p HD. Here's a quick look at the user layout to the right you can change the output size. Choose a custom size one of the popular sizes listed. The play button is located here in the lower left to watch your video after you make any changes. When you click inside the video you'll have choices on the right that let you trim adjust the look of your video and crop. At the top, there are tabs to add text images shapes work with the timeline at audio scenes and subtitles. When you go through creation in the upper right click on publish. 


It's done processing, you can download it to your computer or share it on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Kapwing is free to remove their watermark, you must be signed in to your account. There is a file upload limit of 500 megabytes and your creations are stored on their servers for up to seven days. If you upgrade to Kapwing Pro the upload limit is increased. Your content remains on their site for more than seven days which might come in handy. If you need more time to edit your video especially if you're collaborating with others.

2. Adobe Spark:

Adobe spark

In addition to creating videos and lets, you make flyers greeting cards and posts for social media. The layout is easy to figure out you can click the microphone to record audio from your PC. When you click the plus icon this is where you can upload a video from your computer. Insert text or an icon and you can upload a photo or import from services like Creative Cloud, Dropbox, Google Photos, and Google Drive. To the right, you can also change the layout theme resize and add music from their collection. Add your own music the downsides to using Adobe spark is free. The video quality is limited to 720p and they'll put a watermark on your creation unless you upgrade. 

3. ClipChamp:


This is one that many of you have probably heard of. It feature-rich with additional tools including a webcam recorder, video converter, and compressor. The layout is great to add your media, you can click on the add media button here on the left or you could drag your media from a folder on your computer. Drop it in this window to use it in your project left click on it and drag it down to the timeline. You'll find the key tools along the left including text overlay and you can add transitions. While the free version of clipchamp does not impose its watermark on your project. It does limit the quality of your exports to a paltry 480p standard-definition they also recommend using the Chrome browser for the best performance and user experience.

4. Kizoa:


It is a popular site for making videos and creating slideshows. It's packed with a ton of effects and animations that can be used in your project. This one is user-friendly as well in the moviemaker after uploading your clips dragging them to the storyboard below and drop them. To the right of the photos tab which should be named the photos video tab. you'll find the transitions effects and other tools. Let's head over to transitions and to add one drag the one you selected between two clips. Where you see the box of the T and drop it now let's head over to FX select one and drag it down to the actual video and drop it. Click on enter to save it to your video. If you go to the music tab you'll find music that is YouTube's approved just drag and drop the selected audio to the video clip. You'd like for that music to start and over here to the right to share download or save your project. You will need to create an account. In the free basic plan, there are watermark movies that can be up to 2 minutes in length with up to 1 gigabyte in storage, and 720p HD is the highest video export resolution.

5. WeVideo:


Another easy to use online video creation tool with advanced features. In addition to uploading your own media, you can import from Google Drive, Dropbox, and many others. It utilizes a true timeline that is similar to what you find in many popular video editing programs. Once your media is loaded drag and drop it in the timeline to the appropriate video or audio layer. There are tabs where you can add text audio transitions and backgrounds some of which are not available in their free plan. Also, they'll add a watermark to your video here in the upper right-hand corner. Other limitations with the free plan include 5 minutes per month. Publish time 1 gigabyte of storage and 480p is the maxed resolution.

Thanks for your time. The above list is not of top free video editors online websites. It is a top 5 Best FREE VIDEO EDITORS Online 2021 links to the online video editors mentioned are of our choice. Let us know in the comments if you use a browser-based video editing app not mentioned.

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