Top 10 Instagram Story Ideas - Nobody Shows You

Most of us aware of Instagram. We always want to make our Instagram story more attractive and eye-catching. We try hard to make our stories but in this article I provide you top 10 Instagram story ideas -Nobody shows you. Let's start and find the below information.

Instagram Story Ideas
Photo by Callie Morgan on Unsplash

1. The Layout Story:

The Layout Story

The first one we are gonna be checking out a new feature from Instagram called layout. If you look at the bottom in stories. You swipe to the left there is a new feature called layouts. These are grid templates so I've got a four grid template. You can take pictures if you want or what super cool is if you don't take pictures. You can use ones that already exist in your gallery. You just click on a little icon right every day and then just choose the images you want to use in your story. 

Of course, selecting the images that I want to showcase and what's also pretty enough is you can still move the images around within each block. Don't like the positioning of the picture you can change that up. So once you're done you just click on that tick button. Now you can customize it even further so I just thought I'll throw in these dashes but this is a really cool new feature. Just another example on the right-hand side of a three-line grid so you get some different options and definitely check this out.

2. GIF Pack Stor:

GIF Pack Stor

We are all aware of gifs or gifts whatever you want to call them. What's really cool is if you know what to search for you can find some really cool gifts. For example, once you've got your story ready. Head on over to the gifts section by clicking on that icon and of course selecting the gift icon. Then type in gladdest and what you'll find is a really awesome collection of gifts made by a particular artist that uploaded these under the hashtag gladdest. 

GIF Pack Stor

What is so epic about these gifts collections is it so easy to make your Instagram stories look like without having to search thousands upon thousands of gifts. One of the best ways to find gif collections like this. Head on over to Pinterest and search Instagram stories, gifts, and there are a whole bunch of different ones. For example, Minim is a really cool one and also Tape you'd be so surprised at how many cool different tape options there are. Go out and find some facts that you like. Just remember what the collection names are.

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3. Google Board Story:

Google Board Story

This is a really cool one and does involve a different keyboard. If you head on over to the text icon and you check out this little keyboard icon in the bottom right-hand corner. All you're going to do is change over to the Google G board. You can download it from the App Store or the Play Store. This will work for both Android and iPhone users. Which is epic so once you've designed your stories and maybe added some text. What you're gonna do is click on that text icon again. Right over here you'll see a little sticker icon and if you click on that you have these really cute little stickers that move and here I downloaded this coffee wine. 

Google Board Story

I just placed this little sticker in my story and like that, I have the most adorable a little animated sticker in my story. This is only available on the G board so it just went back to this little coffee stickers. Shows another one and popped it in. There are so many different ones to choose from so definitely check those out. If you are not a fan of stickers which you can also do is head on over to the keyboard and click on the Jeff icon or gifts and in the search section. I just looked up a wine, of course, you look up whatever you would want to add to your story and then straight away once you click on it. It's added to your story and again you've got a completely different looking story than what you could make on Instagram itself. 

4. Song Lyric Story:

Song Lyric Story

This is a cool little way to share your favorite songs and all you do is grab a picture of say your earbuds or air pods of whatever you have. Let head on over to the music section within Instagram stories and of course, look up the song that it is you want to share with your audience. Once you've selected your option you're just gonna want to make sure that it's on this lyric selection. Simply because it looks the best so once you've done that you can go ahead and change the colors customize it a little bit more if you want to. You're gonna place the lyrics next to your earbud. So it says if the lyrics are coming out of the earbud if that makes sense and then I went and searched lines. I found this really cool little gift pop that next to the earbud. Like that you've shared a cool song but in a really epic way. 

5. The Font Story:

The Font Story

Another really epic one and again involves a different keyboard. You can get this keyboard called fonts from the Play Store or app store. Available for Android or iPhone users which is so nifty. Once it's installed again head on over to Instagram and then change your keyboard from whichever one.

The Font Story

It's on to the fonts keyboard and now you can make super interesting stories because if you go to the keyboard you will see these options right at the top there. If you slide along these options you'll see the various fonts available. Literally, just select the one you want and as you see the entire keyboard changes. The font just like that it's not one of your stories. I think this is so cool and such a fun way to make your stories look super different and interesting. On top of that, you can also still change the size of the font you can also, add the background if you want. It works exactly the same as the fonts on Instagram except you've got different fonts. if you're not I'm saying so here I also just made a little quote I decided to use the comic font. 

6. Erase Video Story:

Erase Video Story

This one you're gonna want to have a video of just something completely random like these flowers or sometimes I do it off the sky. Feel free to add a filter if you want but then what you're going to do is make the page completely solid from there. Select that you raise a tool and now you're going to erase a border. What this does is you can see is just add some visual interest to your story because your border is actually moving and is not a solid color. That makes sense you could also do this just by expanding a gift to a really huge size. Nonetheless, I like to use videos and on the left is another example of where I took some video of clouds made the story.

7. The PNG Story:

The PNG Story

PNGs are actually really great accessories to any story. so yeah I've just got a picture of coffee and in my gallery. I have some saved PNG images these ones I made but you can save so many off of the Internet. All you do is you copy this image then head on over back to your stories and paste it as a sticker. You then just scale it up to place it where you want and add another one. If you want and like that I've just elevated the story using some PNG that are always saved in my gallery. What's so nice about having this PNG saved is you can use them on. So many different pictures. For example on the left-hand side so goes out save some PNGs and use them on your stories.

8. Vertical Text:

Vertical Text

Vertical text is another little design element. We often forget about and this one is so simple but definitely eye-catching. All you're going to do is you're going to type in a letter hit the return key and then add some spaces type in the letter again until you have a design much the same as this. Spelling out the word earplugs and then in between the letters. I decided to add a couple of little dots in various different sizes. I think this is just a really cool story idea. Not only because it's easy peasy lemon squeezy but because it really stands out and it's just something different from what you're used to seeing another. 

9. The Block Story:

Any cool creative idea is adding some transparent blocks to your stories. All you're gonna do is put in a punctuation mark, add a bunch of spaces punctuate again and then just click on that icon in the top left-hand corner. Tell it on the transparency mode then just select whatever color you want. I'm going for this green color and then all you do is scale-up the block so that you can't see any of the punctuation marks. You have a really cool transparent block that you can place anywhere on your stories you can add some more if you want. 

The Block Story

So just making another one but choosing a slightly different color so that when I overlay it you can see the variations in color. You also don't have to make these blocks transparent you can keep them solid or do whatever it is you want until you are super happy with the design of your stories. Adding some text and here's just another example of how you can use these transparent blocks to add some visual interest to stories and make them stand out of it. I also love how you can layer these and just get some different effects so try this one out.

10. The Texting Story:

The Texting Story

The topic of some transparent designs that you can also do it once you've got a picture up head on over to the text icon. Then select the first letter of your word and again click on this button until you're on transparency mode. Select whatever color you think is gonna work best for your design. I was choosing various red colors and I was spelling out the word YouTube. You're just going to repeat this process but every time you choose another letter just choose a slightly different color. Then once you place the letters next to each other you'll get this kind of colored transparency effect. I just think this looks so cool and it's completely different from what you normally see on Instagram. As you can see this is a super easy designed to do and can all be done within the Instagram app. No second react needed and then here's just another example of how cool this looks. 

Image Credit & Courtesy: Hayls World

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