How to Speed Up iPhone

Many people using an Apple iPhone. By using it over a period it becomes slower or lags. I will show you how to speed up the iPhone on iOS 13. The top 20 tips that will help you improve the speed of your iPhone on iOS 13. These are like 20 tips and tricks that you can do on your iPhone on iOS 13 turning things off or on. Of course and doing some stuff that will help the overall performance of your iPhone. Especially if you have like an older device that supports iOS 13 so here are 20 tips it will help your iPhone run much faster.

How to Speed Up iPhone
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1. Screen Time:

The first is screen time make sure to turn off-screen time. If you don't use it so every process that happens on your iPhone, of course, takes CPU power and that will decrease the speed of your iPhone. We have a ton of features on our iPhones and some of them are very useful but maybe you don't need them. You don't use them or you don't even care about them like I don't care about screen time. I have it on but I don't really use it at all I don't even take a look at it at all. So why have it there and decrease the performance of my device just go ahead go to settings - go to screen time and make sure you turn it off. Enter your passcode and turn off-screen time. 

2. Siri:

Another thing I suggest you should turn off immediately. If you don't use it is Siri. Go to settings, go to Siri and make sure you turn off. These buttons right here if you don't use Siri on your iPhone. If you use it really you don't really need to have hey Siri turned on. Make sure you turn that off directly. So either way, make sure to turn off any features that they don't need. If you use it very early or if you don't use it at all. Don't leave it turned on.

3. iCloud backup:

You should turn off is iCloud backup. Go to settings, go to your profile, go to iCloud and make sure to turn off iCloud backup. What this does is that all the time it will keep backing up files of your device and of course that will decrease the performance of your device. So go ahead turn it off. When you want to make a backup you can turn it on. Once the backup is finished turn it off right away. Only when you need it you can turn it on. Keep it off on the Settings app on the iTunes and App Store section. There are a section automatic downloads so you will have the few different switches for music apps, books, audiobooks as well as app updates these will decrease the performance of your device. 

Let's say you're performing a heavy task on your device at the same time your iPhone is automatically updating apps or installing apps. Of course, it will make the situation much much worse so go ahead and turn all of these off. You can then go ahead and manually update your apps. When you're doing nothing on your device you're leaving your device charging or something. You can go ahead and easily update your apps without it decreasing the performance of your iPhone. 

How to Speed Up iPhone
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4. App Switcher:

Now something that a lot of iPhone users believe they should do. It's like a myth among iPhone users is closing apps from the app switcher. According to Apple, you should not close them so basically, iOS will just leave the apps there for you to use them. They ready to use once you open settings. You can see it's ready to use it doesn't need to be reloaded from the beginning so that's what you should do keep the apps open. On the app switcher now if you use an app like once every two or three days. You can close that once you're done with it you can close that out of your app switcher. If you have apps like Wii social media apps and the Settings app or the phone app. Lets you use daily keep it on the app switcher that way it will load much faster. 

5. Accessibility:

Now you will find a new section called accessibility so go to X ability and then go to motion and what you need to do here is enabled reduce motion. Now what this does is that it will reduce the animations of iOS and that way, of course, will make your device work much much faster. The animations are gone and it will load the apps basically without the animation which makes it much much faster. Also, go to display and text size and enable reduce transparency. This is very very important, especially for all the devices. It will reduce all the like transparent looks. all those want to improve the speed of the iOS device as something I've seen a ton of people do is keeping on low power load all the time that is not meant to be on. All the time so low-power mode, of course, will save the battery of your iPhone will make it last longer. It also decreases the performance of your device so only keep low-power mode on when you need it when your iPhone is on low battery, Otherwise make sure to turn it off because it will decrease the performance of your iPhone on the Safari settings make sure you go ahead and clear Safari data. 

How to Speed Up iPhone
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6. iPhone Safari:

Now, of course, you're browsing on Safari and doing all that stuff and the data just piles up there. All the website data everything is right there so make sure you go to settings, go to Safari, go to clear history and clear the safari history. The website data from here so do this regularly maybe once a week or once every four or five days you have to do that. A ton of people keeps a ton of tabs opens in Safari in the background. Of course, they will just pile up right there and maybe you don't even care to close them Safari can do that automatically for you on iOS 13. So what you need to do is go to settings, go to the Safari section and go right here to close tabs. Choose the tabs to close automatically after like one week, one month or even one day on the home screen of your iOS 13 device. 

7. iPhone Widgets:

You might have a ton of widgets enabled now, the widgets will be all the time being updated. All that stuff and that decreases the performance of your device as they take CPU power. Also, it will make your battery more run out much faster. What you need to do is just go to the edit button and just make sure you turn off all the widgets that you don't need. Keep one just the batteries nothing else. One widget on home screen here I see a ton of people keep like 10 or 15 widgets probably don't even use them. Go ahead and turn them off.

8. Background App Refresh:

Go to settings - general - background app refresh and this is very important. First of all, make sure to go to the background app refresh and choose Wi-Fi. So the background app refresh will work only when your device is connected to the Wi-Fi, not to the cellular data. You'll also have an option here to completely turn off background app refresh but if you don't want to do that you can go back and you will have a list of all the apps that you have on your device. You can go ahead and turn on or off the background app refresh for any of the apps based on how you need them. Turn them off right here location services is also another thing that will decrease the performance of your iPhone because it's all the time working in the background. 

Now all of these things will be much noticeable on all their devices so go to settings go to location services and make sure to turn it off. If you don't need it to be on all the time make sure you turn it off or if you leave it on just make sure you go ahead. Select your apps to keep it on only for the apps that you use it. Just go ahead and turn it to never for the apps that you don't need it to be on.

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9. iPhone Notifications:

The same thing goes for notifications you don't need all the apps to have notifications on. I have a bunch of apps that I don't even care about their notifications. They just send in notifications that I have not interested in. Of course, that will decrease the performance and also the battery life of your iPhone. So make sure you turn notifications off for all the apps which you don't need it to be on. 

10. iPhone Storage:

Another very important thing on performance on your iPhone is space the free space that you have on your iPhone. So make sure you go to settings - general and go to iPhone storage and here you can see a list of all of your apps. You will see which apps are taking you the most space on your iPhone or for examples like photos or videos. Whatever you have on your iPhone so if you have low space on your iPhone make sure you go ahead and delete stuff that you don't need to have on your device like a game. For example a bunch of videos that you don't care about that improve your iPhone speed.

11. iPhone RAM Memory:

Improving the speed of your iPhone is clearing the RAM memory of your iPhone. I can do that by going to X's ability to go to touch go to assistive touch. Make sure you enable it right there then go to the power down menu. From here what you gotta do is tap on the button and tap and hold the home button once it goes home. It clears the RAM memory of your iPhone now you can do the same with all devices. The homes button but in that case, it will have to press and hold the home button of the iPhone.

12. Increasing Free Storage:

The speed of your iPhone by increasing its free storage. You can go to settings go-to the camera. From here can go ahead and go to formats and you can choose high efficiency. This is a new format that will make basically your photos smaller and that way it will have more free space on your iPhone. That way more free space fast on iPhone.

How to Speed Up iPhone
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13. Reboot iPhone:

Other things that you can do you can reboot your iPhone. Every once in a while I suggest you reboot your iPhone. That's very good like once a week or once every three or four days go ahead and reboot your iPhone.

14. Reset The Network Settings:

If nothing helps you can also go ahead and reset the settings of your iPhone to make it work faster. Now if your internet is slow just go ahead and reset the network settings that will help as well.

15. Keep Your iPhone Updated:

Keep your iPhone updated at the latest software. The latest fixes and improvements of iOS so all the time Apple is releasing new firmware. Improving iOS fixing like battery drains issues and all that stuff with iOS 13. 

Apple has really improved the speed of the iPhone. For example, launching apps, the stock apps on iOS is just blazing fast on all devices. Even on the older ones so make sure you keep your iOS updated all the time. 

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