How to get Google on Huawei Mate 30 Pro

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro is an excellent all-round flagship. However, it does not come with Google and its services out of the box. Using a simple method though, Huawei Mate 30 Pro users can get Google's services running on their phone, completing the experience. So without a further do let's see how to get Google on Huawei Mate 30 Pro.

How to get Google on Huawei Mate 30 Pro
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We finally got our hands on Huawei Mate 30 Pro. It's a shame for such a feature PadFone to be suffering due to the company's current situation. The phone comes with the latest Kirin 990 processor, a 6.5" inch HDR 10 OLED panel, 8 gigabytes of RAM, 256 gigabytes of storage, quad cameras and a 4,500 milliamp-hour battery. Pretty much the makings of the flagship of the year. Unfortunately, the software lets it down. it comes running MIUI 10 and Android open source project or AOSP and the biggest concern everyone has with it is whether or not it can run Google applications out of the box. 

When you take it out of the box you do get things like Huawei's app gallery but we're so dependent on Google services that not having them is a big factor to choose one phone over the other. It turns out it's really simple to get Google services up and running on your Huawei mate 30 Pro. First things first go ahead and download the file and save it in a location that you can remember on your computer. 

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Next, you need a USB type-c storage drive or even a regular USB a drive as long as you have an adapter to get it running on your phone. Reset that drive first and then copy the extracted contents of the files you just downloaded onto the drive. There on you just need your phone plug in the USB Drive on your Huawei mate 30 Pro. Go to files where you'll be able to access it you might see one or two files that you didn't put into the drive but that's ok we're just gonna focus on the ones we copied earlier. You want to hold the Huawei dot zip file select extract to choose a current directory and then click ahead. Next, you want to go back to the USB Drive and this time focus on the Google folder which we have to copy and then select other locations. 

You want to navigate to internal storage where you'll be pasting the files that you just copied just to verify you can go ahead. Go into the Google folder in your internal storage and see that all six applications are there following. Into the settings of the Huawei mate 30 Pro scroll down all the way to system and updates. Choose the backup and restore option you might see a message pop up. If you're using this for the first time and all you have to do is click agree and move the head going further you want to choose the external storage option. Then USB storage you find a backup here. Which you want to select and make sure that both apps and data is selected when doing so go ahead. 

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Restore which will prompt you with a password option and that's just the password being displayed on-screen. All you have to do is copy that and then click OK that should wrap up your restore process. You should see these two applications on your home screen but we don't have to do anything with them. Yet you want to go back into files now and this time access your internal storage where we saved the Google folder earlier with the six applications. You'll have to go through each of these six applications one by one and install them. So allowing access to each one, the installs do take a bit of time but it isn't too long going back to the home screen. 

Lots more applications there and we're almost done. Now you want to open up the application with the purple G logo. Next click allows and clicks the blue bar once, then again it'll start a loading process. Where you'll see an error on the first file and that's when you want to hold the power button on your Huawei mate 30 Pro and restart the smartphone. After the restart is complete you can go ahead and access the Play Store. Just like usual now when you're signing in make sure you unplug the USB Drive connected to your phone because that sometimes causes errors. Once you're in it's just like the Play Store on any other smartphone. You can download Google-specific applications like YouTube or any of your favorites.

All of these apps will natively update from the Play Store so that essentially removes the Huawei mate 30 Pro biggest flaws. We'll be using the phone for the next few weeks testing out its performance and seeing how it holds up against other flagships let us know what you'd like to see specifically down in the comments and we'll try, make it happen thanks.

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