Best iPhone Apps in 2020

Hey, what is going on with friends. In this article, I will show you guys my favorite iPhone apps of 2020. These are apps that I personally use mostly on my iPhone. Now outside of the usual absolute, we all use like the social media apps, the YouTube apps, and all that stuff. These are some of the apps that I use the most on my iPhone. Of course to perform daily tasks on my iPhone. Here is a list of my favorite iPhone apps for 2020.

Best iPhone Apps in 2020
Photo by William Hook on Unsplash

1. Reverse Image Search: 

Reverse Image Search
Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

The first app is called reverse image search. This is the app that allows us to search for images on the Internet. So basically have a picture like wallpaper something on your camera roll and you don't have a link for that you can go ahead. Just put it on this app and it will find that image for you. Of course, I will find a link as well now I use this mostly like to respond to people that ask for my wallpapers. A lot of times I get questions about my wallpapers but there are some wallpapers that I got like from different websites or by just searching Google. I don't have a link to that wallpaper. I just go ahead and search it with reverse image search and I can find the link to that wallpaper. You can load any of your pictures or it can just paste right there any image that you have copied to the clipboard of your device then it will search the internet for that image. You can go ahead and switch between Google and Bing as well and as you can see the results are right here. 

2. Data Monitor:

Data Monitor
Image source: Data Monitor

This one is very useful if you want to keep track of how much data you use during the day and during the month as well. The reason I use this one is that it has a widget that you can use to quickly check out the amount of data that you have used. You can see right there this is the widget. It will show you the use for today they use for this month and of course the daily budget that you have right there and this line right here shows you your monthly budget. all that can be set from the app so if you go to the app you will have this like home screen right here. and then you will have your data usage right here and if you go to settings then you can set the data limit for a month and then you can also choose here like you can see how much data you have used this month. and you can also set up alarms when you're over the budget.

3. GIF Keyboard:

GIF Keyboard
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This one is a fun one that I mostly use when communicating with people like direct messaging and all that stuff. just want to sound like some fun gifs you can do that of course with GIF keyboard. You don't have to search the internet, search Google for any gif that you want. Just go ahead and switch your keyboard, go to the GIF keyboard and you can go ahead. In search you'll also have like some trending different categories so you pick one then it shows more different GIF that you can use. If we go back then you will also get trending. so right here you can see all the trending GIFs and of course right there at the top you can search for any gift you want. If you want to use one just tap right there and you can go ahead and paste right there and you're good to go. A favorite one you tap and add it to the favorites section. 

4. Fonts:

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There are a ton of apps on the app store that are called fonts and that offer like different fonts for your keyboard but this one is free. The fonts are totally free as well that's why I like it. It will be linked right down below on the pinned comment. If you want to get this exact one because as I said there are a ton of different apps. Right there at the top to choose from now if you tap here we'll see like different symbols. You will have like a few different categories of symbols right there and then you will have all different fonts. You can go ahead and use it with your keyboard this is very very cool. If you want to just have some fun with these different fonts. Type some really cool things on your social media.

You can do that of course using this app as you can see right here all the fonts are unlocked for free that because you might get like paid but I don't believe that will happen. It will stay free and you will have access to all these cool fonts that you can use with this keyboard.

5. Double Take:

Double Take
Image source: The Verge

This is a pretty famous app that has been recently released and it's one of my favorite all-time apps for the iPhone. It allows us to basically record it using two different cameras at the same time on your iPhone. That's a feature that you can have only newer iPhones. I believe from the 10s and up so what you gotta do is just open the app. Tap that little camera right there and from here you can switch between different cameras. You can choose which will be camera A and camera B and then, you can just go ahead. Click confirm here and you can go and shoot with two different cameras at the same time. So you can have the cameras here like picture-in-picture or you can just tap right there and you can switch between like different layouts. You can have a split-screen on one side you will have a camera on the other side it will have another one. So they just put something here you can use two different cameras at the same time to record a video. That's really really cool have on the split-screen like let's say you can have your front camera, your rear camera and it will be very cool. Once you want to record tap right there and it starts recording. If you're done you will have the same button to save the video to the camera roll of your device.

6. Stitch Pics:

Stitch Pics
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It allows the stage a few differences like screenshots or even other pictures together. It's very simple to use. All you gotta do is just load any pictures from your camera roll just tap and once you have selected the pictures that you want. You will see them on the interface right here can remove any one of them if you want to and you can also reorder them any way you like. Switch stitch there it will basically go ahead and stitch these pictures together. This is cool once you're done you tap the Save button. What's even cooler about this app is that you can actually use it directly from the Photos app on your iPhone. You don't even need to open the app at all. Select like the screenshots or the pictures that you want to stitch together tap the share button and scroll down. A button that says make scroll shot cap there and as you can see they will be actually stitched together that's really awesome. Now save button and you're good to go.

7. Geekbench 5:

Geekbench 5
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I use Geekbench a lot of course on different devices and different iOS versions as well. Whenever like I installed a new iOS version beta or something like that I go ahead and just try out Geekbench. What scores device will get with that like different iOS versions a beta version or even on different devices? Basically, you have Geekbench 5 here we'll have a history or details regarding the device and you have the benchmarks. If you go to CPU you can go ahead and start running a benchmark. It will tell you to like what square device gets and you can actually see the history and compare different versions of iOS. How the device will perform under different iOS versions.

8. Push Fit:

push fit
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I use it quite a lot basically what it does is that it won't count your push-ups for you. When you're working out you do push-ups. You don't have to remember how many you're doing or count them. This app will do that for you so all you got to do is just lay down the phone on the floor and then when you go down making push-ups it will count your push-ups using the proximity sensor right there at the top of the phone. You just have the start button and in three seconds it will start counting your push-ups. Once I get my hand near the proximity sensor it will count the pushup. You can tap on rest and do another set it will count everything. You can set a goal and it will have all the stats. The calendar where you can see how many pushups you have done each day. It's really awesome and useful if you like to workout and do push-ups then this is the app for you.

So that is it for this article guys these are my favorite Best iPhone apps of 2020. I said at the beginning these are apps that I use usually on my iPhone on a daily routine. I have these apps that I use the most outside of the usual apps that we all use on our devices.

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