3 Public Speaking Habits of Public Speaking Expert

One of the questions often people ask me do you really practice your speech because you seem so natural in your speaking skills. it looks natural but behind the natural speaking there are a lot of practices that go on not just a lot of practice but a lot of writing practices and there are some specific step-by-step habits that go on that make me or anybody a great speaker. I'm going to give you three habits right now that I use that you can use in order to become a better speaker starting today with 3 Public Speaking Habits of Public Speaking Expert follows.

Public Speaking Habits
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1. Start Recording Your Speeches:

Start recording your speeches that's what I do anytime I'm speaking. Whether at Microsoft or at Rock the stage or whenever I'm giving a speech to even a smaller audience I record them, why? Not for people but for myself because when I record them it's about for my own self-assessment. I come back home and I watch the video mark out I did this body language well but I didn't do this well, ah next time has to do this better. I'm always thinking about how I can improve the next time. If you don't have that set of expert eyes make sure you record your videos and get your mentor to see your video and give you some feedback.

2. Listen to Audio Programs:

 I listen to audio programs every single day. I often tell people that for having the right skill set you need the right mindset. For having this right skill set you need the right mindset. Why mindset because the mindset is very important. I tell you to listen before delivering a great presentation, listen to some audiobooks, listen to some audio programs, maybe your favorite speaker or maybe public speaking audio or maybe something regarding. Body language always consumes information about great information. Because that's how you're training your mind to become exceptional as a speaker.

3. On-Going Mentoring:

I talk to my mentors on a regular basis, I get new information and a new perspective about how I can improve on a regular basis. I have eight different mentors right now and I after every single speech, after every single thing. Some of my mentors are in business, some of them are into my marketing, some of them are social media. I also do have some mentors that give me some advice on how I can improve my body language. How I can improve some of my storytelling ability. I can improve my mass influencer skills and you can do the same thing.

So let me ask you the question. I told you that I have the habit of recording my speeches. Can you start recording your speeches absolutely yes? Number two I listen to audio programs can you start listening to audio programs to become a better speaker absolutely yes. Number three can you talk to your mentors in fact who is your mentor, who's the person that can give you advice on a regular basis for your improvement you want. When you apply these three things I can assure you that you'll have more confidence, more charisma, more impact, more influence. Overall more respect that's my tip for you.

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