11 Amazing Websites You Didn't Know Existed in 2021

The Internet is a tremendous place to get new content. During this year's edition of the amazing website series, I will be able to share with you 11 Amazing Websites You Didn't Know Existed in 2020. We thought was interesting that you may have never seen before some of these are for entertainment purposes only. While others might be useful for you in your everyday life let's get to it.

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  1. Photopea:


This free online image editor makes an excellent alternative to photoshop. I have been testing it out for a short time here's what I prefer about it. It's able to import and save as Photoshop PSD files. Along with popular export options including PNG, jpg, SVG and many others. Photo Pea is an html5 web app so there's no need for plugins like flash. The layout is clean most of the tools you would ever need are located along with the web. You can work with layers along with the proper. Photo Pea may be actually one of the foremost impressive web apps I've ever used.

2. Numbeo:


Numbeo is a site where users submit data regarding cities and countries around the world. A handy tool to check out if you're considering a move to a new location is their cost of living comparison tool. This will compare the cost of two cities for the current city. It will show you whether the cost will be higher or lower in various categories with a more detailed breakdown of the costs listed below. If the costs are going to be more expensive in your destination city you would need a higher salary to maintain your standard of living.

3. Rave:


This one is a very cool rave that lets you mix your favorite music videos to create unique mashups. Select mix it up to gets started. This is often there you select any two of your favorite music videos on YouTube. It can be new or old music it doesn't matter. While some of the mashups I created were absolute garbage. Some ended up being quite good. Here's a quick example of a mash-up that works well thunderstruck by ac/dc. it's best to seek out a music video of the song that you are looking for. 

The second song ghostbusters. The official music video is much down the list. Here at the bottom click on create a mashup. It may take a few minutes for the process to complete when it's done your video mashup will begin playing. You can pause at any time to repeat the link for your mashup which will be shared with anyone you want. 

4. How Secure Is My Password?

How Secure Is My Password?

How secure is my password allows you to skills long it might take a computer program to crack your password. If you're not using a password manager this is a great way to test the strength of your passwords. Here's a quick example I'll use one of the worst passwords ever which are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. it says this password would be cracked instantly. it will also give you tips to create stronger passwords listed below. Now here's a quick example of a better password. This one would take 429 billion years for a computer to crack. I don't plan to live that long so this would be a good password to use.

5. Eat This Much:

Eat This Much

It's for those of you on a specific type of diet trying to achieve your nutritional goals or watching your weight. It creates meal plans based on your personal preferences. Here's how it works, first select your diet if you're not on one of the diets listed like Paleo vegetarian, etc select anything. This next one is hard if you do not know the calories you would like to eat. Select the calculator to fill in your information and hit calculate doing so will calculate the calories you should be consuming.

I'll close this out and leave the calories at 2,000 rather than 3 meals. I'll change this to 4 then hit generate. If you do not sort of a specific meal hit the regenerate button to offer you a replacement meal. If you do not like all of the meals listed click on the regenerate button to the proper of today's eating plan. this will offer you an entirely new set of meals to have for you.

6. Outrider – Bomb Blast:

Outrider – Bomb Blast

Here's another interesting one on the outrider site to allow you to enter during a location to ascertain what would happen. If a nuclear blast went off therein area the situation you enter is often an actual address or simply the name of a city. Go with New Orleans it says here if a.w 87 landed within the center of latest Orleans that might end in quite eighty-nine thousand fatalities. It also gives other effects of the blast at the top you can change your location the type of bomb used and the blast type. Currently, it's on the surface an air burst will impact a larger area.




An excellent source for some of the most popular giphy on the Internet is it pronounced gif or Jif my opinion who the blank airs I'll just call it a giffy for now. On their homepage, you can see all of the gifts that are trending or do a search. Mark Zuckerberg has been in the news quite a bit for the wrong reasons for the last couple of years. So let's see what gifts are available for him. On giffy they now host more than eleven thousand gifts of Mark Zuckerberg.

8. Is It Normal?

Is It Normal?

If you have embarrassing questions you'd never ask your family or friends. Is it normal? it's the place to get the answers you need without anybody knowing who you're. To ask you'll get to fill out this type. Select a category I'll go with technology. Add a few descriptive tags related to your question. I'll go with a robot vacuum and cleaning. now ask your question. you have the choice to do a simple yes/no question multiple-choice poll or discussion. Only this one's gonna be a yes/no question. Then get some additional details related to your question. When you're done submit your post. 

9. The Onion:

The Onion

Just about every major news outlet. Here in the United States being accused of dispensing fake news. It's about time the satirical news website the onion received the attention they deserve. They are the true pioneers of fake news coverage and damn good at it too. Many of you may be familiar with the onion already but I had to add it to this video after reading this article regarding the Pope. It just may be the funniest thing I've ever read. 

10. Sleepyti Me: 


Here's a bonus site, the sleepy time bedtime calculator helps you to find the best time to go to sleep. You wake up feeling rested just enter the time that you wake up for me that would be 5 a.m. then calculate. They claim that you simply will feel tired and groggy if you awaken within the middle of a sleep cycle consistent with their calculations 8:00 p.m. 9:30 p.m. 11 p.m. or 12:30 a.m. would be the simplest times on behalf of me to no off to awaken feeling refreshed. If you are feeling like crap whenever you awaken the location could be able to assist you out.

11. Tiii Me:


Here's a fast one if you have been curious how long it might take you to observe a whole TV series time will do the calculation for you. Just enter your show I'll use the last Kingdom for instance. Select it then click the large arrow to the proper during this example to watch all three seasons of the last Kingdom it would take you one day in two hours.

Thanks for reading if this article is beneficial for you to share with others. If you recognize a tremendous website not mentioned, allow us to realize it within the comments.

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