Best 15 Android Tips and Tricks You Should Try

It's time for some Android tips and tricks some of these you might know some of them you might not, but either way, you will be an Android pro by the end of this article. I have the best 15 android tips and tricks you should try. let's get into it.

Best 15 Android Tips and Tricks You Should Try
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1 - Copy split-screen text:

Copy split-screen text

So here I'm watching a recipe and if I click thereon recent icon and truly open up this chrome tab in split-screen. I can actually then open up notes. For example and replica all this text by selecting it then I just click and hold and drag it down and appearance at how you'll copy text from one split-screen to the other. Not only can you do it with text like this but say for example you're trying to find the address of someplace. You want to place it in your maps you'll simply click and hold down then drag it into your maps. Start the directions straight away.

2 - Offline maps:

Offline maps

While we are on the subject of maps. You'll actually save your maps offline. So you do not need data when navigating. If you click within the top left-hand corner right up here. You'll see an option that says offline maps. If you select that you can then select your own map. There you can actually decide what area of the map you would like to save offline. You click the download button and bam you have got a bunch of maps offline. You can do more than one and this is really really helpful for saving data.

3 - Tripple tap zoom: 

Tripple tap zoom

Did you recognize if you tap 3 times on your screen? You'll actually magnify it and still operate your screen? still, inspect what is going on but all obviously magnified. If you then tap again 3 times. It'll take you out of the magnified view and this works within applications also regardless of where you're on your device. If you tap 3 times it'll magnify it which is so cool. You are doing even have to activate this so if you head on over to settings and scroll all the way down until. You see accessibility simply select that then select visual enhancements once more. If you scroll down you'll see the choice that says magnification then there'll be a few more options and here you'll see triple tap to magnify and you'll actually toggle it on or off if you wish. I actually use this a lot surprisingly.

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4 - Google lens quick contact: 

Google lens quick contact

Now google lens is often used for therefore many things but did you recognize that if you're taking an image of a card. It will actually pick up all the information on the business card as you see here and then each one of these dots actually represents the information that it's picking up. Whether it's an email address or a location or a website. It's honestly so cool and from there you can quickly add this contact to your phone.

5 - Double tap for the timer:

Double tap for the timer

This is another really nifty one and its double-tapping on some time. If you're doing that it'll open up the clock app and if you are someone who uses the stopwatch or time and frequently. Just double-tap on some time to urge their tons faster. Another really quick and epic thing you'll do is click and hold down on almost any application and access quick shortcuts.

6 - Long press, quick access: 

Long press, quick access

So here I started a voice recording immediately just by clicking and holding down. Here's an example of Google Maps that show my work or home route you can do it with WhatsApp chats. You can roll in the hay with the camera, some applications like Instagram do not have quick shortcuts but 99% of apps do.

7 - Stop ring gestures: 

Stop ring gestures

Let's say for example you are in a meeting and someone starts calling you and you want to quickly stop it from ringing. All you do is place your palm on the screen and it'll stop your phone from ringing out loud. Another gesture you'll do is just devour your phone and switch it the opposite way around face down and this too will stop your phone from ringing out aloud but will not reject the call.

8 - Shortcuts to anything:

Shortcuts to anything

This is something I use so much and it's creating shortcuts. If this is a route I use often in maps. I can click on those dots then say add routes to your home screen. What this may do is then add a shortcut to my home screen in order that whenever I would like to quickly navigate this route I can click on the shortcut that I added and it will open straightaway it is so nifty and tons of apps actually offer this Spotify is another great example I can add a shortcut to my favorite playlists so here I just say again add to home screen and it'll add the shortcut to my home screen. As I click on start playing this playlist and the same goes for WhatsApp conversations so many different things. So check this out in your apps.

9 - Double-tap recent to toggle:

Double-tap recent to toggle

Did you know that if you double-tap the recent button it'll actually toggle between the two most recent applications that you've been using so here I am on Instagram but if I would like to travel back to YouTube just double-tap the recent then it'll open up YouTube I can watch some more steps return to Instagram and check out them out this is so cool?

10 - Text shortcuts:

Text shortcuts

I like some text shortcuts. If you go into settings and search keyboard. You will see a setting that says on-screen keyboard once in there select the keyboard that you're using so I'm using the Samsung keyboard you decide on whichever one you're using and within your keyboard search for a variety that says text shortcuts.

So here I selected it. Now you'll create any text shortcut you would like by just simply clicking on add, therefore, the shortcut was hey and then obviously my message went in and that I clicked add so then when I'm using my keyboard and that I actually type out the word hey here you will see the choice if I click thereon it'll add in obviously the entire sentence so another example is saying sup then my whole long message I added that to my text shortcut. If I type the word within the sub I can select the long line of text and it'll populate automatically.

11 - Visual Elements: 

Visual Elements

Visual elements are really awesome for somebody who just wants to ascertain things a touch better on their devices if you attend settings and accessibility you will see the choice that says visual enhancements if you click thereon there are numerous different settings you'll toggle on and off for instance high contrast fonts you'll also change the look of the keyboard if you really select this feature you'll see and check out out these different high contrasting keyboards and choose which one could be best for you or if you even like these options you'll also up the dimensions of the font you'll make a font bolder then here's what it actually looks like once you are doing change the font if say you enter your files or settings so these are really great options if you're having a tough time seeing things on your device and I just love that there's this option to visually change things the way you want that. 

12 - Find my device: 

Find my device

You know that if you lose on this place your device you can quickly hop onto google and type and find my device from there it'll instantly send your phone a message saying that it's located the device and show you a map of where your device is from there you can actually choose some other options to quickly arrange your phone or to even continuously ring your device until you located and tell it to prevent ringing so always remember this if you lose your device. 

13 - Timed do not disturb: 

Timed do not disturb

This is one among the primary things I do whenever I buy a replacement device and it's going into settings and typing in don't disturb here you'll see the option come up and basically what don't disturb does if you toggle it on is it doesn't disturb you with notifications messages or phone calls during a specific time or day that you simply set so here I'm choosing what days and on what time I don't want to be disturbed with notifications etc so from 10 o'clock within the dark until 7:00 in the morning once I am sleeping I don't get vibrations and notification sounds anything like that.

14 - Quick link sharing:

Quick link sharing

Quit link sharing is also super nifty. If you want to share a picture like I don't know Mr. bean all you are doing maybe a click thereon share icon and at the highest here you will see share large files once you've selected that it will actually create a link that if you copy and share with anyone they'll be ready to access that Mr. bean picture so I'm just popping this during a WhatsApp chat and sharing it and like I said if anyone actually clicks thereon link it'll open up the image and then they can download the file or an image that you put in there and keep in mind that this link will expire after a couple of days.

15 - Chrome split windows:

Chrome split windows

Let's say you're browsing for your favorite YouTuber and you encounter their website well all you are doing is you open this website during a new tab. Then you opt you stole it keep browsing Google also you'll click on the recent button and open up google chrome and split-screen from there you're going to choose another application it is often anything whatsoever. So I just chose notes then you're gonna click on these three dots in the top right-hand corner and say the move to another window. It will then move that google tab to the other window and you can go back to browsing on Google and also still be browsing.

So that is it for this article. I really hope you enjoyed these 15 tips and tricks. You can also check out my other articles or right over here. Thank you so much.

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